add a new experience and enjoy your life

April 6, 2012 7:09am CST
i used to be a very boring student ,which was limited only to his either classroom or room. in a single room ,i used to spent my all time .i have very less number of friends and, i was untouched with any social community or participated passively in any social activity.One day,i have make up my mind to visit to a new place which was aloof from the main town ,there was all around small hills, covered with large number of trees, herbs and shrubs.Although, the place was not so far from the town but when i travelled along the hill and jungle the fresh air ,peace and the greenery fascinated me a lot.i came to aware about the views and idea of the local people therein.Their food ,their language, their style of living all was different.What i like the most was their warm reception .i spent a whole night there,there was pin drop silence in the moonlit night.When i was on the way while returning from destination place to home ,i have decided that i will always visit to the new places at least two or three times a month.It has greatly influenced me,added a thrilling experience in my life,it will help you to develop communication skills,will provide you an opportunity to meet different types of people belonging to different caste ,races,country,language and culture.It enforces you to think beyond the boundary,either it the boundary of two country ,language,their culture,their tradition or their religious belief.Generally the people who are addicted to travel have a broad thinking,they are not narrow minded.You can relax your mind and add freshness to your mind.Recharge your mind so that it can work better, it is not the wastage of time and money ,but instead it can add a true sense to your life. make your life
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@Porcospino (18396)
• Denmark
18 Apr 12
I think that it was a great idea to visit a new place. It sounds like you really enjoyed your visit there. I love to visit new places. I think it is exciting to explore a place where I have never been before, and I often visit new places in my own country. I have visited a lot of places on my island and on our neighbour islands. A month ago I went on a mini vacation in a town called Bogense. It was very nice to visit that town and I enjoyed walking around in the old part of town. This summer my husband and I are going to visit a couple of small islands in our area and I look forward to that.
@maximax8 (28559)
• United Kingdom
17 Apr 12
I am really glad that you explored a landscape near where you live. Visiting a new place is something which I find very exciting and enjoyable. I had my day out once a month challenge last year. I was able to visit places like Plymouth, Avon Cliff, Swindon's railway museum and Yorkshire. I found these happy days out shared with my disabled son and my daughter very relaxing and worthwhile. I find traveling a thrilling experience. I have just come back home from my month in wonderful and exciting South America. Traveling makes me happy and gives me many happy memories. I have plans for lots more travels about. Good luck with more traveling in your lifetime.
@GemmaR (8526)
7 Apr 12
There is a lot to be said for trying new things and enjoying your life, and I think that this is something that you should be encouraged to do all of the time. I know that I have a lot of hobbies, and something that I have started to do a lot recently is running. I was very unfit during my teenage years, and I never realised just how much extra energy learning to run could give me. Now that I have started, I would never look back, and I like to think that I try to encourage everyone else to find something to do that they enjoy in their lives as well.
@sishy7 (27604)
• Australia
6 Apr 12
I'm not particularly fond of traveling, but I've had the opportunity to live in several different countries. In each and every places I've been, I have always learned new and interesting things. You are right, being in different places and meeting new people have significant impacts on ourselves. In a way, this site provides the opportunity to explore different places. I'd like to welcome you and wish that you will stay here.