Affordable Protein Supplement

@einerb (97)
April 9, 2012 10:40pm CST
Aside from eggs, I think canned tuna which is packed up in brine is one of the many alternative in protein rich food supplement that won't drain our budget and the fact that it is already available even in some small sari-sari store. Any more suggestion of cheap food supplement that i can add to my list?
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• Canada
10 Apr 12
Oh sure... if you like tuna, you can also incorporate other inexpensive fish like sardines, pollock, salmon, etc. Nuts are good for protein as are some seeds. Other things that come to mind are tofu, beans and legumes, grains (like quinoa), natural peanut butter. Eggs are certainly one of my favorites though :)
@einerb (97)
• Philippines
10 Apr 12
Thank you for your suggestions, i will add it to my list.
@marguicha (100113)
• Chile
3 Oct 12
In my country, chicken is not as expensive as other meat. I never buy brests or chcken wings because they are more expensive. I buy a whole chicken and either roast it (and can make several meals from it) or cut it up myself to leave the carcass for broths to make minestroni or other vegetable soups.
@magtibaygom (4864)
• Philippines
16 Apr 12
If you are looking for cheap source of protein, then legumes and beans are excellent sources of them. They are readily available in wet markets nearby. They are also cheap and affordable, and are always available.