Help me decide please - GE X500 or Canon PowerShot SX130IS

@stuckonu (726)
April 10, 2012 12:24am CST
Hi guys. I am trying to decide what to buy as my very first Digital Camera - a Canon PowerShot SX130IS or a GE Power Pro X500. Here are the side by side comparison: Canon Powershot SX130IS Resolution: 12MP; 3.0 inches wide LCD screen Zoom: 12 x optical zoom with Optical Image Stabilizer GE Power Pro X500 Reso: 16 MP; 2.7 inch auto LCD screen Built in 14MB Internal Memory Optical Image Stabilization I am not a professional photographer so I am just after basic features. I might also sell it after I bought it from Amazon so which do you think has better value? Has anyone tried any of these two? Which one do you think has better specs? Thanks.
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@rajiv22 (167)
• Chengalpattu, India
24 Sep 12
Well, About Canon Sx130is? I would say, it’s the one of the best, wonderful and amazing Digital cameras I have ever seen and used.. Its been almost 2yrs now from I bought this camera and I can proudly say that I am a user of Canon Sx130is, Though now i am ready to buy a DSLR, probably an Canon EOS 600D or a Canon EOS 60D.. Here are some of the pros and cons i have seen with this SX type powershot and here we go… Pros – 1. The 12.1 Megapixel with 12X optical zoom and 48X digital zoom combined giving u the best HD shots at greater zooming distances. 2. DSLR like looks and handling. Well if your planning to buy a DSLR next (just like me), then this camera is ur option for Trials. 3. Continues shots. 1shot/sec for HD photos (under P, low light mode) and 3 shots/sec for LD photos (under SCN, low light mode). 4. Various shooting modes available and easy to select them thru dial mode. 5. Manual Pop up flash. Which means u might raise the Flash and use it only if it is required and not all the time.. This will increase the life of the in built Flash bulb and will save the battery for little more picture too. feature also makes u call this camera “Stealth”. 6. AA powered camera. Well, in the Li-ion world, this thing is a negative part. But in fast changing/outdating of Battery types, AA batteries will help your stay alive, EVER.. U should use AA rechargeable batteries to get max shots, but if u r out charged and u don’t have charger, then the normal Alkaline batteries are always available in the market/shops around u and u can buy them and use them with ease.. U r always ready with AA batteries..! 7. Well, yes, you cannot remove/add lens to this camera as its not a SLR. But the lens adapters for this camera are available on ebay with will u might add some extra lenses like Fish lens, UV lens and Lens hoods. 8. Cost of the camera is low when compared to the offered feature.. Just about Rs.10000 (approx). Cons - 1. Little Bulkier when compared to other Canon compact digital camera and other branded digi-cameras makers like Sony and Samsung. 2. No Raw Image Files/Digital Negatives. 3. Less protection for LCD. 4. No Interchangeable lens (ofcourse thats common with most of the Digital camera as it offers fixed non removable lens). 5. No optical view finder. 6. No Automatic Pop up flash. Its manual, but u will get use to it.. 7. Rechargeable AA Batteries drain little earlier Li-ion batteries used in Sony/samsung batteries. So if u want more pictures, this camera is not ur option. But if u not concerned and ready to carry extra AA batteries, then OK. So altogather, I would say this camera is a beauty. But many didt go for camera because of the reason that “it uses AA batteries”. Well I use Sanyo Eneloop 1900mah rechargeable AA batteries for my camera. I have 2 sets of them (4nos.). With 2 batteries tested, the result I got was – approx 300HD shots (1.3MP to 4MP), 250LD shots (350kb to 800kb) and 2 to 3 HD Videos (1280 x 720). (But I got 2 Camelion AA rechargeable batteries, when I bought the camera is 2010. I gave only 150 shots. Camelions are worst. Also try avoid using Ni-CD batteries). So Eneloops are top in class than any other.. Well GE X500 as too as good as SX130is/Sx150is but its lot more bulkier than power-shot digi cams. But GE X500 like cameras will offer u true DSLR like handling. Attachable Lens, lens hoods and auto pop up flashes.. And Yes, Now Canon SX130is are outdated and SX150is is available in the market with 14Mp and 12x optical zoom for almost same cost of SX130is. But if u have not yet bought any camera, i would suggest u to wait for few more days and buy the new Canon SX160is with 16mp and 16x optical zoom with DSLR like neck strap and auto pop up flash just like DSLR. Now if u compare GE X500 with upcoming SX160is, w.r.t. all criteria "SX160is wins". BUT, if so u want a camera like GE X500. I would suggest u to go for Canon PowerShot SX500 IS with 16mp and 30x optical zoom.. this one is just like a fixed lens DSLR.. So good luck..
@bobmnu (8160)
• United States
21 Apr 12
I would go with the Canon. GE is new to the digital market and Canon has developed many of the digital innovations and has improved on them. There is more to a camera that what you mentioned. The brains of the digital camera is the processor and the sensor. Canon has excellent processors and sensors and many different levels. In most cases the brains that Canon uses in their cameras is a step or two above the competition (except maybe Nikon). My advice is to go with the Canon.
• Indonesia
10 Apr 12
I am not user of those two camera. But to me, I am prefer to Canon digital camera. Why, canon is a well known camera manufacturer instead of GE. So the build quality and the performance is far better. The most important thing is aftersales service, canon has better service center support than ge. Especially if you live inAsia. By the way even between two big brand nikon is better than fuji (nowadays). I can say because ihave those brand.