Am i worshiping my computer

@hotsummer (10466)
April 11, 2012 1:39am CST
My mom tends to get angry often, not daily but many times in a day daily. One thing she noticed that i always open the computer in the morning. Although i do help in caring for my father and the household chores. But being the mom that she is, she wants me to be more into cleaning the house and etc which i feel frustrated doing. I do clean or wash my clothes when need but to spend the whole day cleaning even if the house is already clean is not my personality. THat's my mom personality. And i often hear her say or ask " Why? Is your computer your God?" She would add more" Each morning i want you to pray first, Don't open the computer, Then clean the house, Care for your father." She knows this is my source of income. But my brother working abroad is the one that gives money, but my mom is handling the money. So even if my brother gives me money, i just can't tell my mom that i can get some money the amount my brother has agreed, as she easily gets angry. So i don't bother to ask money from my brother when we chat online. I just try to earn money online so i can have some money to buy things. But i can still some money but not that often . I just feel that my mom is trying to control whatever i do in my life. It is like being a christian is something that i ought to do because she wants me to be not because that is my belief. although i am a christian. it is not right that i pray when she tells me. I am not a robot or something. And i am not that young any more.
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@rsa101 (16718)
• Quezon City, Philippines
12 Apr 12
Well I do not know but I somehow could relate to you. But in a different scene since I am married and my wife sometimes gets angry with me when I wake up first thing in the morning is that I tinker with my cellphone that is connected to the Wifi and goes to the net to check on the weather and news and other things. LOL! I think there is a middle point in everything and you should compromised with your mom about this. I think if you can maybe do away with the morning habit and do it some other time then I think your mom would allow it. This maybe hard to deal with at the moment but I think talking and maybe a little negotiation can do it.