Do you find people with horrible personalities go further than nicer ones?

@SKLC_PT (1234)
April 15, 2012 12:15pm CST
I was wondering, in my life experience, all the people who I have encountered, personally, professionally, I found that the ones that had the most friends, the good jobs, that would get served, and get things they wanted in life, were such horrible people, yet the ones that were the underdogs, the ones with crappy jobs, that couldn't get anything they wanted or needed, those that are unable to get anywhere, most of them unfortunately are such lovely people, not unfortunate that they are lovely people of course, but unfortunate that those that are bossy, rude, arrogant, are the ones to score points. Is this just the nature of life, the dog eat dog world everyone talks of, will this always be the problem of society, the reason so many countries are the way they are? Due to the fact that the people who are likely to have gotten there are also likely to be the same horrible people I knew, you knew, we all knew growing up and at present that would terrorise others, boss them around, taunt and tease? Is there anything preventing the kind people of getting ahead? Is it their kind nature that turns against them? The fact that they give way to others and those others might be the same bullies that get ahead, biting the hand that fed them, stepping on the people who kindly went into submission in the world to allow them to get ahead. Or is this just based on my life experiences? Does anybody else have this same experience or opinion? Please let me know what you think, I hope I'm not right!
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• China
16 Apr 12
horrible people can do everything to reach their goals, regardless of the bad influence, they care little of shame, ruthless to poepls as wellas himself, so he will success. nice people always care too much, they will enjoy a happy life even though they are not rich.
@shylade (3137)
• Philippines
16 Apr 12
i have known such rude and mean people having good position in a company. they may a good job or a better life (in terms of having money) but they will not be that happy. for now, they can be over anyone but their bad behavior and attitudes will lead them down there. life is like a wheel. when you are up now the tendency is for you to go down the next day especially if you are fond of stepping another people's feet. i do believe in karma and that life is an ECHO. whatever you give, life will give it back to you.
@fannitia (2170)
• Bulgaria
15 Apr 12
Unfortunately it seems that you are right and this rule goes all around the globe. This is what I see in my work. Many nice and talented people with good skills are ignored. But not just because they are not arrogant enough to break through to the best position. There is one more thing which is called "friends circle". Friends of the boss of course. If you don't belong to this circle it's hard to make a progress. Unless you are one of those "bossy, rude, arrogant" as you say. There are some exceptions but they only prove the rule.
@doroffee (4230)
• Hungary
15 Apr 12
People who are nice usually keep others' intentions in mind, too, and are sometimes pushovers, they don't cross ethical borders, don't walk over other people. Greedy people only care about their own problems.
• Greece
15 Apr 12
Oh yes, I have seen that! It's unfair but I keep saying that you don't have to bless anyone till you see his last days.
@erez98 (166)
• Israel
15 Apr 12
oh yes..... in general, it is working like that... horrible people, as you define them, dare more, they are less shy and therfore push more to obtain what they want all the way for what the society call "success". i prefer the humble people with the good heart no matter how "successful" they are.
15 Apr 12
Define a 'horrible' personality people will see different personalities different ways. Just because someone has a good job doesnt mean theyre a bad person and vice-versa. As for working your way up..thats the business world my friend
@surfer222 (1715)
• Indonesia
15 Apr 12
Yes, i see this things too everywhere. If we read books about rich people, they often described as hardworking good people who achieve their dream, but whenever i see the real rich people around my neighborhood, all of them are horrible people, and the people that are working for them is actually nice people. In the place i used to work, there was an old employee that in my eyes keep being abused by his boss, i think the boss knew that he had a family to feed and in his age he got nowhere else to go so he will stick with him no matter what the boss did to him, and that event really open my eyes.
• United States
15 Apr 12
Yes I have seen this but I have seen the bad behaviour and nastiness come back upon them. My Husbands ex boss was this way as was his father. They screwed their employees and tenants, the government and family. They both sit in Jail at the moment and good riddance.