Feeling give up on making money

April 15, 2012 5:15pm CST
Lately, I feel giving up on making money, I just feel lazy, and not motivated, there is project going on in the office but I rarely work for it, I feel like just want to stay at home avoiding those problems in the office, do you feel this way sometimes and how you do to avoid it and carry on working earning extras?
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@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
18 Apr 12
In the years that I've been a working, independent person (and no I don't work outside the house at this point in time because I'm taking time off to raise my babies), I've never gotten frustrated with making money. The reason that I've not gotten frustrated is because of the fact that I know that I have to have money to pay the bills. The place where I find that I experience the most frustration because of the fact that we don't have enough money.
@annierose (18023)
• Philippines
16 Apr 12
I felt it also before. I noticed that I am no longer enjoying my days because I am always at work. I did not have the time to mingle with my family and friends. I felt that I wanted to stop. So, I just took a rest. I stopped doing paperwork and instead spend some time talking with my loved ones. I spoiled myself for two days by doing what I really wanted to do. It made me delayed with my work but I not mind. What matter is I enjoy the 2 days break without thinking of anything regarding work. I got the energy again to be back at work and now I am okay. I hope you will feel the same soon.
• Philippines
16 Apr 12
Everyone feels this way once and twice in his life. It could be that they are problems outside the work that keeps bothering you, or you are very pressured at work and upset because you couldn't get the job done. In these instances, first I pray for guidance from the Lord. Prayers keeps my worries away. And second, be aware that you yourself control your feelings. Be happy and dont think about the problem too much.
@jkct02 (2859)
• Malaysia
16 Apr 12
We all like to be free. Do what we want to do. Take no orders from others. No pressure and no stress as there are no expectation and request. But that is if we have a choice. When it is the only way to get food on your plate, there really is not much you can do. You do it out of of a need, not because whether you like it. When I am in such a situation, I will just keep myself focused on the job, do it slowly but steadily. I have to finish it no matter what.