heat stroke, soooo widespread

April 16, 2012 12:36am CST
My sister is a third year medicine student and she'll be having her clinical duty this week... they were oriented last week and to her surprise, patients coming in from heat stroke, so many people who arrived unconscious if not dead already. Heat stroke here in the philippines has become so widespread.. so scary
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• Philippines
16 Apr 12
Yeah, it's been getting hotter here in the Philippines. Especially during these months, from March to May. We just have to be really careful and always bring water with us wherever we go. If not, try not to be exposed under the heat of sun in the afternoon, where the temperature is at its peak.
@yrallih (147)
16 Apr 12
Yes it is and even I was a victim. There is definitely extreme heat nowadays and when you try to take a walk you would be feeling super dehydrated because of the scorching sun. I just wish it would somehow get a little bit cooler because the heat is giving me a headache since i have mild migraine.