Cleaning: a neverending struggle

United States
April 16, 2012 8:11pm CST
I swear, I've been devotedly working to get my house in tip-top shape the last few days, yet it seems every time that I wake up the next day, the entire place is back to the state it was the day before. I seriously wonder how people can make such a horrible mess in the course of one evening ... I probably wouldn't mind as much if I wasn't also working on refining a presentation (deadlines, how I loathe them) and trying to hash out some last-minute studying for my finals this week. The mess around here has been bothering me so much though, and with spring cleaning fever hitting me, I really don't want to put it off this huge cleaning project any longer. I'm thinking I just need to smack someone every time they leave a bit of trash or a dirty dish where it doesn't need to be. That way it'll finally sink in to stop making my task more difficult.
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23 Apr 12
Oh I wish hollering or some incentive would get family members to pick up after themselves!!! It is very frustraiting that it brings me to tears. You know the majority is not my mess but yet I have to pick up the same mess everyday and hope I have the time and patience to pick it up that day. It's hard when it's all on you to get household tasks done when you are not the only one who lives there.
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24 Apr 12
Ha, if only I could rig up a mild electric shock or an annoying alarm that would go off every time someone didn't pick up after themselves; maybe that would be incentive enough. I mean, really, is it that hard to throw trash away? Rinse a plate off or, at the very least, put it in the sink instead of leaving it on the table? Sheesh.
@flamez3r0 (319)
• Puerto Rico
17 Apr 12
Hello :D. I agree, cleaning can make anyone feel like Prometheus or Loki :p. What I opted to do is only clean one day in the week. No matter how dirty or disorganized it gets, I don't clean until that day (for me its Fridays). Surprisingly, everyone have adapted to that and make less mess during the weekend and the beginning of the week. However when I first began doing that the mess was incredible, one could hardly walk around in some rooms :p, but no one can live like that so everyone began to become more organized instead of leaving it to me. Dependency can be a bad thing :p. In your case, you should stop cleaning until you finish with your presentations and exams. Just close your eyes and live with it for a while, when someone needs a clean plate or fork, they will have to do the dishes. And who knows, it might teach them a lesson along the way, one that would last more than the pain of a smack :D.
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19 Apr 12
Aah, I did the once-a-week cleaning routine before but that never really worked ... people didn't even adjust to help make it work. Cleaned one day, then all week it was a pigsty. It's hard to live with such a mess. Ahaha, actually, after I made the discussion I sat back and thought to myself, who cares, I've got to focus on my assignments over cleaning! The people I live with are very stubborn. There could be flies and gnats buzzing about the sink and they'll ignore it until I step up and do the dishes. If they want silverware or a plate, they go out and buy paper plates and plastic utensils! More stubborn than a Missouri mule, I say. They never learn ...