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April 16, 2012 11:48pm CST
Friends.. As some of you may know, i am now into import trading. I am just a newbie and has been doing some research and inquiries with customs brokers. i have no problem with the seller in other countries, my major concern was customs here. After all computations, i was appalled with the high customs duties tax that i would have to pay just to release my goods! Would you believe... customs is charging me almost 75% of the actual value of the goods! Oh my goodness gracious!!! My goods are clothes. I have thought... oh shoots! Now this explains why the imported apparel industry here are selling it at quite a high price just to have a good return of investment! Of course, i want everything legal but at this so much expense!!!??? I am trying to make a good business here and i dont get enough support from the government by at least excising a good portion on the customs! Customs!!! I hate you!!! What a way to make a living!!! What a way to make CLEAN living!!! I realized the this as a a small entrepreneur: it hurts when a customer requests for lower rates or "tawad." We all want to have profit! Oh shoots! Dont you dare ask "tawad" from me... I do not undervalue my goods so dont even undervalue me! eeewwwwrr! as if i can really say that to a customer hahahah... These people just have to understand your overall expense.. We are not trying to break even, we need to get profit! Clean living... We all want to have a clean conscience here. As an importing entrepreneur, it hurts me when i see sellers being able to sell their goods at such a suicide rate as i couldnt compete much with them. This makes me think of one thing... Smuggling! I am tempted and inclined to make my stuff sneak below the scrutinizing noses of Customs people. I know what is in others minds... you may get it cheaper but it would be downright cheating!!! Customs!! I still hate you!!! Customs is a radical government agency. Many times i think, hey you dont deserve my hard earned money! The taxes that i pay in my customs duties will just fall in the hands of dirty politicians and government employees. Customs! i so hate you!!! If this is the price for a better economy here in the Philippines, then so be it. I wont pay you... but i would certainly pay for my country's progress.
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17 Apr 12
High import taxes are designed to promote nationally-produced products by making outside stuff expensive. If they lower the tax, you'll be happy but all your Filipino clothes producers will get burned... two sides to every coin.
@ybong007 (6658)
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17 Apr 12
now that's what i call a tirade.