The Epoch Times and other Falun Gong Websites Violate the Laws of the America

By nora
April 19, 2012 9:15am CST
The Epoch Times,the De Volkskrant and the Look-at-China website operated by the Falun Gong organization in the United States have deliberately violated the American Laws and regulations enacted by the U.S. government by means of fabricating false news reports and rumors to deceieve the world and violate people's right to know(the atucal facts).
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@owlwings (39749)
• Cambridge, England
19 Apr 12
By posting this, you are guilty of exactly the same things that the article you copied it from accuses the Falun Gong websites of doing. You give NO evidence and NO details and therefore there can be NO discussion. Please cite your sources and give concrete examples and evidence to back up your statement (if it IS your statement, which it is not, because you have simply copied it from somewhere else!)
• Canada
20 Apr 12
As we all know that posting in this website is not allowed and impossible. I just saw this article in the website and I think this article is telling the truth.Why can't we just have a discussion on this event? How can we know the Epoch Times is telling the truth,not fabricating rumors against the chinese people? For more details or evidence,you can search online.
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