De Ja Vu ?

United Arab Emirates
April 21, 2012 10:03am CST
Who has ever dreamed of something that one day you realize that you've seen it in a dream or something. WHERE does this come from? Dream? or have you thought about it before.. could anyone reply to this ?
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• United States
24 Apr 12
Only about a handful of times have I had a waking life event happen and I realized that I'd seen the event in a dream. This recognition is usually immediate, often before my reaction (to whatever is going on) is complete. I get a warm tingling sensation that comes over me from my head to my shoulders and sometimes down the spine. Sometimes I get a flashback (memory) of the dream, and usually I know how long ago the dream took place. There was one time--probably my very first deja vu experience--when I never connected the feeling of familiarity with a dream. I was walking along a huge open space like a playground and I felt like I had been there before, BUT knew that the area looked different once upon a time. Looking back on that event several years later, I really felt that the deja vu feeling was a memory of a past life that was surfacing to the conscious mind (waking mind). Whenever I return to my hometown where the deja vu event took place, I always feel invigorated and at home despite it being a dangerous environment. I feel that deja vu events can be: [1] suppressed memories of past lives [2] memories of something we saw in the astral, dream state, or other "realities" while we were in our astral/soul body during sleep or meditation time [3] memories of astral projection activities As a side note, I also believe that some dreams are partial memories of things we did, places we visited, people we communicated with, etc. while on the astral plane(s) or other planes of existence. The bits and pieces remembered are relayed back as a dream. Penny
@luisaR (452)
• Philippines
22 Apr 12
that often happens on me and whenever i realize it's dejavu, I get amazed. It's a feeling u can't describe. I see these places that I have never been and when i see a photo of it anywhere, it gives me goosebumps,it looks very familiar, mostly europe part, I see themin my dreams when I was young and internet is not for everyone yet. I see them in my dreams and certain events or simple happening. I guess I was once an old soul who lived in victorian era, it's funny, I am a filipina hehe.
@ravipors (81)
• India
21 Apr 12
I also felt like De Ja Vu, many a times. I was wondering that why this happens to me all time.But later when i became medical student, i got that explanation. Its bit tough though i will tell you. our brain the master organ has many neurons and many of these are at resting phase. The neuro matrix gets reorganised frequently. when this reorganisation occurs, we get the feeling of Dejavu.
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
21 Apr 12
As a kid and teenager I had that frequently but also that I visited a place and thought I've been there before. At that time I also felt very close to a certain population/civilication. Might be it's an old memory of former life, which I think it is. I know there have been investigations about things little children said. They saif for example .. is not their name but .. and they lived.. As they invested what te kids said it turned out to be true there was a person named ... living .. once. Perhaps we do receive the thoughts of someone else. I saw a documentary on tv lately about that. The magnetic field around the world that animals use but human beings can use too or might use. Which we can use to transfer our thoughts or what our brains receive to other people, and how we can receive the same from others. You can call this 6th sense or else if you like. So perhaps what you see in your dream is your old memory or some elses memory.