Real Madrid has ended Barcelona's kingdom

April 21, 2012 2:59pm CST
The team of Real Madrid defeated Barcelona at Camp Nou stadium with 2-1 ! I think this win showed who would be the real champion at the end of the season. Real Madrid did the impossible, defeating Barcelona in their stadium, since Real's last win at this stadium was 5 years ago. Surely that's the title for Jose Mourinho's Real Madrid now. And what a filip it gives Chelsea ahead of their Champions League visit here! I think that this was the match who set an end to Barcelona's kingdom !
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@ram_cv (16516)
• India
21 Apr 12
Real Madrid got the job done at Nou Camp. The win ensures that they will lift the La Liga title this year as the 7 point gap is too big to bridge now. The second goal scored by Ronaldo was a classic and deserved to win El-Classico. Cheers! Ram
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@adhyz82 (36262)
• Indonesia
22 Apr 12
i think the winner of this match is not deserved proud of their winning the team which only use formation 1 goalkeeper and 10 defender make all the world laugh at their coward.. and i believe Chelsea once again use the coward formation, 1 goalkeeper and 10 defenders..
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• Bulgaria
22 Apr 12
Well, I think if Mourinho used 1 goalkeeper and 10 defenders the score wouldn't be 2-1 for Real Madrid, it would be probably 1-0 to Barcelona or probably 0-0. You can't say every time when Barcelona loss that the wining team used coward formation, because I think this is the best formation who can be used against team like Barcelona. They are incredibly skillful and could be very dangerous and right now, they are at their best form, so every good manager will use the strategy of counter-attacking. I think that Jose Mourinho and his players were even very brave and they were unshakable the whole game, so I think they deserved the win. When they received a goal for 1-1 they start going forward and 2 minutes later they got back their lead. You can't say their cowards, because they've got a lot to loose if they didn't get the win, and another fact is that they played at Nou Camp and that's probably the difficult place to play to. Real hasn't defeat Barcelona at Nou Camp for 5 years and I think they did something very big that night. The same thing means to Chelsea. They stood up their ground and unexpectedly win over Barcelona with 1-0. I think it was incredibly hard for them to win against a team like Barcelona and not to be broken for 90 minutes against them. They were very brave too. They didn't shake at all, and their defence was unbreakable. I think Real Madrid and Chelsea deserved the win against Barcelona and they worked a lot to get it. Cheers !
@jkct02 (2859)
• Malaysia
23 Apr 12
It was a big match. A great result for Real Madrid. I predicted 1-1 but C7 had a different idea. Any team that can take something out of the Camp Nou is a good team. Barcelona is still the best in the world. Their play is breath-taking. But football is interesting because by using the right strategy, a good coach can do the improbable and get a result against all odds. But again, Real Madrid is not just any team. They are the La Liga champion!
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@sjlskl (3384)
• Singapore
22 Apr 12
A great result to win at Nou Camp. Unless Real Madrid suffer a massive loss of form, the La Liga title will be theirs. Well done to them and Mourinho finally managed to get a win over his nemesis, Guardiola.
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@lakantar (1575)
• Greece
22 Apr 12
I don't know if it is the end of Barcelona's era but I have to say that was a Mourinho's victory today, the RM players were well prepared for the match even when Barcelona equalized they managed to recover quickly. I have to say though that this wasn't one of the good el classico since both teams were desperate for the result after a bad UCL result and that made them not play very good football for most of the match. About the title it surely is sealed, I don't think that Real can lose a 7p gap and especially against Granada, Mallorca and Seville (I think they can only lose points against Seville)
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