22nd April- Today is World Earth Day -Any Plans from your side??

April 22, 2012 2:32am CST
Today is 22nd April, which is known as World's Earth Day in the whole world. It can be remarked as the anniversary of the modern environment movement,which was held in the year 1970. People in many countries increase awareness about the earth's natural environment like how to protect our environment from the modern hazards and all. What are your plans for this Earth Day ? In fact, do you have any plans? Are you spreading awareness?
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@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
22 Apr 12
I intended to go to the city park but will skip that plan. My elderly daughter will go over their to make a film about the event for the city broadcast tv/radio station over here. My youngest two feel tired and want their pjama-day after swimming class. Also there is a big thunderstorm comming up an other good reason to stay inside.
• India
22 Apr 12
Okay, so your elder daughter works for the TV/Radio station. Yeah, if the weather is not so good then that will be good reason to stay safe inside the home.
• Marikina, Philippines
25 Apr 12
My plans for this Earth day is to ‘stop the overpopulation’ here on earth. He he or build lot of trees and all kinds of “green thing” so that our earth would survive. If we could build lots of them, the earth would definitely survive, but I am so aware of the “overpopulation” that increases here on earth. I watch on TV that it might end the world because of the “overpopulation” people here on earth. Yes, I do have plans if I have a power to do something, but I am always at home. If “overpopulation” is still increase, there is possibility that people would build many buildings and industry here on earth. The food might be lessened and in the end, we are going to die in hunger. Technologies surpass the “green thing” here on earth because of the “overpopulation” people here on earth. There would be less space for the “green thing” and so, I was thinking about “overpopulation” because it is also a “sin” if we “abort” a child in the womb. That is all.
@anil02 (3037)
• India
22 Apr 12
Yes today is world'e earth day. It is duty of every person to do some thing to preserve the beautiful plenet. Today I plant for trees in my house.