Container Gardening

United States
April 22, 2012 8:54pm CST
So I have been doing some research on container gardening. I think this is really cool because you can plant vegies inside all year around. I am wondering if anyone has done this. I am experimenting right now. I planted squash outside in my garden of course but my family loves squash so this year I took some old milk jugs cut the tops off field em up with dirt and threw a few squash seeds in and there you have it. I did it about a week ago and I already have plants coming up. I am so excited. I also put some coffee grounds in there too. I put rocks at the bottom since I didnt cut holes in the bottom. Have any of you done something like this if so what, I would love some more ideas. I am really wanting to do potatoes. But I am not sure how big I need the container.
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@sthluba (20)
• Nepal
23 Apr 12
There are many wonderful reasons to garden partially or exclusively in containers. Not only does growing crops in pots allow you to have a portable garden that can be moved to create any effect you want, but they can be brought inside as soon as the weather turns cold for a fresh, year round supply of flowers, vegetables, and herbs.
@roberten (3131)
• United States
23 Apr 12
I have done some container gardening but it has all been outside. I too have wanted to try indoor gardening but have two cats that love to dig in my plants and even eat some of them. I will have to get a larger place so I can have a grow room with a door to keep my cats at bay. The only concern I have is the pollination process; I wonder if it will have to be done by hand or if the plants will self-pollinate? I suppose I need not worry about such things until I have the space to find out first hand. It sounds as if you will be finding out the ins and outs of indoor gardening very soon. You should post about your progess, I find the topic quite interesting.