Had a glimpse of having a big family -- and no, I don't want one

April 26, 2012 2:56pm CST
My husband is away for his usual climb with friends to a distant mountain, and I wanted to have something to keep me from missing him too much. I invited my young cousins (7yr old, 9yr old, and 11 yr old) and 5yr old niece over to stay for a week vacation. So, they came, and my 3yr old daughter was extremely happy to have kids around. They play all day, shouting, running around, laughing and giggling loudly. I cook for them, 3 meals a day and serve snacks, too. When its time to eat they would all run to the table and the bigger kids get their own food, while I had to set up the plates of the smaller ones. When its time to bathe, I now have 2 kids to clean up, and the bigger kids take turns in the shower. At the end of the day, the house is just all clutter and dishes pile up. Good thing I have house helper to assist me. It's still their 2nd day, and oh my, the fun comes with physical stress, too. I can't imagine having them everyday in my life. I'm glad I only have 1 kid to keep, and another girl is coming to join the bunch in a month's time. I guess that'll be the most I could have. I never really dreamed of having a big family. Do you have a big family? What's your secret in keeping up with it, everyday?