How to delete your shyness?

@aciek12 (138)
April 27, 2012 4:50am CST
Im a very shy boy, and i want to change it. I always shy to talk in front of class.. Now, it just better than when i was a little boy. But i still shy ! I want to remove it ! :(
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@xemorth (70)
• Australia
29 Apr 12
You can't "delete" your shyness I think. I remember that I used to be extremely shy and self-conscious- but that was because I cared way too much about what other people thought. Once you learn to stop caring about what they think (to the extent in which they really affect the way you talk and communicate) that shyness will suddenly go away. I was shy and self-conscious for a number of years, however as I grew more comfortable will myself, mentally, plus changing my appearance helped my self confidence quite a bit. Over time it just faded away. Good luck!
@aciek12 (138)
• Indonesia
29 Apr 12
Thats true. .i always thinking what people think about me. .and its bother me so much. .
@erjnsimon (1191)
• Makati, Philippines
27 Apr 12
If you want to remove your shyness, the only way is to not to be shy? Get it? Haha. What i mean is that you have to face it with yourself 100 percent. Show them that you are nm shy, well smiling is one way. :) . I am also a shy type guy but now it lessens. No worries when just in class. Your classmates are just your audience. You have been seeing them almost everyday, don't be shy with them cause they are not shy with you. If you can face them even just with a 10 percent of shyness in yourself, i would believe that your shyness will be remove soon. However, maybe you just keep that 10 percent. Having shyness depicts a person a nice one, sometimes. Haha.
@aciek12 (138)
• Indonesia
29 Apr 12
I will try the smiling method. Thanks!
@512771751 (1096)
• China
17 Aug 12
I think it is difficult to delete shyness. When I was a child, I was shy to speak in front of many people. When you delete the shyness once, you may give yourself a gift as encourage. Than after you try many times, you will be more brave. Good luck.
• India
30 May 12
In front of class means, in debates? You better try to speak in front of family members; that will give you some inner strength, it will take time friend, so nothing to be worried, welcome to mylot. Prof.Dr. B.Saraf. PhD
@akobuday (124)
• Philippines
28 Apr 12
I'm also very shy person...until I got an experience to work in a fast food restaurant. I think at that time, my shyness lessen. It made me confident a little. I met lots of people, good and bad ones. Coz in a fast food, I have to entertain the customers. I've also been scolded by them including my coworkers and managers. That made me strong, I guess. But still, I'm shy. There's still shyness from within. But, at least, not very shy..haha
@maezee (33423)
• United States
27 Apr 12
Aww, the problem is that it's part of your personality. You can pretend to be someone your not, that has worked for me in the past. I'm pretty shy too - but I work in customer service so I am used to being happy, friendly, and chatty around new people. The best thing for a shy person to do is -- firstly, remind yourself why you are awesome --- are you funny? have a good personality? a hard worker? Find things you like about yourself and let that build into confidence. Confidence in your abilities, in your speech, etc. If you are so shy you aren't used to meeting new people or being chatty, get a job in customer service where you are constantly greeting and small-talking with people. If you can't acquire some kind of self confidence, PRETEND as though you have some - walk with confidence, talk with confidence - I have heard once that if you pretend long enough, sooner or later it will become reality. Just some ideas! Happy MyLotting!