Forgive Me!

April 27, 2012 11:01pm CST
Things are quiet doing great in my life. I have my two years relationship and were both happy. I have stable work, I started to engaged into small business and it went very well. God had provided me those things I had asked and I am very thankful for that. But are you aware of the feeling of being incomplete? Pretending to be happy, neglecting to worry about problems in my family. I can still feel the emptiness for I was the only one experiencing the greatness in life. I forgot my parents and my brothers. Do I sound selfish? Maybe I do. Sending money to them is not enough I guess they need my presence especially that we found out that our dad is not doing good anymore. So, this coming month I requested a vacation leave from my work for only five days allowable days for VL. It's been a year since I never went home though our province is quiet near from the city where I live now. I felt really bad after what I have done to them. I know I walk away without informing anyone. I hope they can still forgive me. I made my own stupid plan just for my own I'm sorry that I totally forgotten to include all of you.