the gift of LIFE (a thought to share)

April 29, 2012 9:25pm CST
Life may not be filled with rainbows and butterflies all the time.It may encounter rough roads and heavy storms, making it not smooth sailing as we always fancy it to. Sometimes, we understand it; though most of the time we don't.It's fair to some but not so much to many.It's not an easy journey to take; some says it depends on the choices we make.Each is a struggle; each has it's own triumphs and defeats; each shares and shed one's smiles and tears... In spite of it all, learning from it and believing that it's the dear Father's special gift makes it worth living all the while.
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@bing28 (3798)
• Philippines
5 May 12
When we value the gift of life, we take all the challenges , no matter how hard and how tough the situations we struggle to fight for our survival. We would never give up as we believe at the end we would be triumphant, preserving the gift of life.
• Philippines
6 May 12
exactly... God's gifts must be treasured..especially the gift of life... :)
@ruperto (1552)
• Philippines
1 May 12
Interesting... It seems life (on Earth?) is mostly about experiencing the ups and downs of this specific existence ... Isn't it amazing how too much happiness too long does not work in the end? Agree ? They say there is a time for everything under the sun... What I find even more interesting is that when we pass on, we will not have to rely on a physical, intellectual, social, emotional side - that when we pass on, everything is spiritual and everything will be perfect ... What do you think ?
• Philippines
1 May 12
exactly... that's what this post is implying... that our lives here on earth may be extremely happy or terribly sad every now and then... yet what is truly important is to where and with whom will we spend it in the end; personally, i believe that everything here is just aiding us to prepare to see the One Who has given us this gift of LIFE... :) thanks for sharing your thoughts by the way...:)