The Big Pretender

April 30, 2012 9:40am CST
I remembered one story from a priest during a homily, about how people fall for their own pretenses. He was very good at making it sound like a joke, but it really does happen in real life. So here's how the story goes: A priest was invited for lunch at a restaurant, and his friend ordered a lot of food, that they couldn't finish it. So, he asked his friend if he could have the leftovers wrapped so he could bring it to his staff in the parish. He called the waiter, and because he was a little embarrassed about the favor he needed, he told the waiter that he needs the leftover for his dogs. The waiter acted on it quickly and a few minutes after, he came back with 2 big bags. The priest was puzzled where all those food came from, and the waiter proudly told him that he got him more leftovers from the kitchen and stuffed it all in those bags, so he could bring more for his dogs. There goes his take out. Have you had a similar case where because of too much pretending, it got you in to trouble?
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@WakeUpKitty (8704)
• Netherlands
1 May 12
Don't know what exaclty to think about this story. No need to feel embarrashed if you want to take the food left over with you. Why would you, you payed for it so it's yours. Being a big pretender is something else, I am not. I don't care what others think or say, I don't feel the need to show off or show/say I am rich since I am not. To me it's the opposite. I guess there are more people feeling embarrassed if I say clearly I don't have the money, my health is bad or I want what I did pay for.
@factorial (980)
• Philippines
30 Apr 12
Oh! poor priest... now he has much foods for his dogs if he has...
@jtj_hello (627)
• Philippines
30 Apr 12
That is coorect, I got into a situation where Ipretend to know something and when time comes that I was aked for some details of it, I got nothing to say. It was so embarassing.