i wish many times my life would be as good as i want it to be

@hotsummer (10018)
April 30, 2012 1:28pm CST
i think it would take a lot of things to realize this, although for most people what i dream is just a normal life for them. but for me to have someone to talk to or friend that i can hang out with is just like a dream for me. it is like there is so many hindrance for me to live that kind of life. i usually see other people who have friends that are just their neighbors but i don't . i do get to gain some friends or acquaintace mostly but they live in totally different place and seeing them on daily basis is just impossible. how i wish i can just walk right to their place with a short walk and hang out with them at night and just walk around the place and eat and buy street foods and every thing we can think of. that would be a normal life for me. that would actually be a dream life for me. i keep hearing people saying that they have this kind of life, that they would drink at night with some friends although i don't drink. they would plan for their group swimming. but for me i grew up not knowing what it feels to experience that on daily basis.