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May 1, 2012 1:35am CST
Four months ago, I wrote about this site I found. You can make money with the jobs they offer. I never really signed up because you have to pay $47 every month after paying $1 just to get started. They do have very good jobs but you have to get approved. I really don't know if I would pay to have access to the jobs they offer. I have found more to do that I am happy and satisfied with. I am always finding new ideas to do. Would anyone pay the monthly fee to have access to the writing jobs this site has? Would you write for other sites that pay good that you don't have to pay for?
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• Philippines
1 May 12
It is an online platform used by most high-earning online business people. They have more than one source of income. They give you a platform to compete with the best and put yourself above the average - they call it "branding yourself". When you join, you can get funded proposals where you can make money immediately, either to fund your monthly fee, or make more money with it. One of the best offer they have is for you to get all the tools like lead capture pages, first class video, auto-responders and the high-edge tools to promote your primary business of whatever it is. It works for many of those who are knowledgeable in marketing but any one can learn. It is for someone who wants to elevate their online presence in business to the next level. It is not for the very conservative and skeptics. It is for those risk-takers who wants to make things happen, rather than watch things happen. It may not be for everyone, though, it can be done by anyone who has the highest level of desire.
@nonersays (2757)
• United States
2 May 12
I would never try to write for a site that charges YOU to write for them. They are usually nothing but a scam that you never get as much out of as you put into. I know a couple of writing sites which are legit, but they are not high payers.
@scheng1 (24748)
• Singapore
1 May 12
Hi Desertrose, I never trust any site that requires payment. There are so many sites that allow you to earn without paying a single cent. The best is to join forums such as Digitalpoint forum, and negotiate with the webmasters. The rate is very low, since they are not looking for high quality articles. They just want the articles for submission to free article directories, so that they can get traffic to their main website.
@Mashnn (4503)
1 May 12
That it is too much money to pay per month unless you are assured you will be making more money. What about if you article is not approved? I would not register with such website since there are many other free websites looking for writers.
@mervyn07 (437)
• Singapore
1 May 12
my directions or principle in earning online is NEVER to invest anything into it because about 90% of it are nothing but scam.