new ideas for starting my own website.

May 1, 2012 3:10am CST
hi friends i want to start my own website,can you people suggest me a niche to create,i want different ideas ,so that if possible i can develop the project with your idea,dont say start with the topic you were familiar or intrested etc etc,thanx in advance.
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• Singapore
1 May 12
You may want to join a blog first to get a feel of how managing your website would be like. To have your own website, you would have to buy your own domain name which costs money. Having a blog on the other hand is free, with popular platforms like Blogspot and Wordpress for you to choose from.
• India
1 May 12
hi green,thanx for the share of your opinion,as you said you were right maintaining a blog gives the basic idea of maintaining a website,i have maintained 3 blogs earlier,now i left those blogs due to some reasons,am ready to buy a website i.e the domain name,but am in search of the right niche for that.
@owlwings (39885)
• Cambridge, England
1 May 12
There are literally thousands of subjects which can be written about and the more closely you narrow a subject down, the more it becomes what is called a 'niche' (and the more expert and knowledgeable and detailed you are expected to be on that particular aspect). The most important thing about ANY website is that it should be giving away relevant, pertinent, informed and accurate information to its readers. If you start a website from the point of view of 'selling something' or 'making money', you have already begun on the wrong foot and are far less likely to succeed than if you start with the object of 'giving information'. It is always easier to write about something in which you are interested, of course, which is why that is so often given as sound advice. I believe, though, that it is actually easier to write convincingly about something which you do NOT know everything about because then you have to do some research and you are putting yourself in the same position as your audience. Because you will have had to use the search engines, invent search terms and collect information from as many sources as possible, you will be doing exactly what your readers would otherwise have had to have done - except that you did it first and therefore (hopefully) saved them a great deal of time. If you need a subject (a 'niche'), just look around you for people who have a problem - MyLot and other forums like it are excellent places to start: people post hundreds of 'problems' a day, here alone! Choose several which seem to have something in common and which you believe you could give them a solution to. Read carefully what they write and note down what words and phrases they are using to describe their problem and to search for a solution. Rough out your article(s) - state the problem briefly in a way that people will relate to and identify with and list the ways in which it might be solved. Then go to the search engines and USE the words and phrases you have listed (including any of your own that you think of and any the search engines suggest for you) to FIND the information to give your article (or series of articles) value and substance. DO NOT simply copy what others have written! (But, by all means quote from them - and make sure you attribute the quotations accurately - if they seem to have authority). What people will want to read is your own words because (if you are any good at all at your job) only you will have understood the problem from the particular perspective of your readers and so the way that you describe the solution will be addressed to them in particular. It is worth remembering that, though English is a 'universal' language on the Internet, there are a large number of people for whom it is difficult. You might be doing an inestimable service to many people if you can write well in your own language.