Adopt a child, what you think?

May 4, 2012 1:20am CST
Adopting a child is such good indeed, as people very mentality persons that could adopt a child. As a mature person they are wiling to adopt a child, For instance Angelina jolie.. hmm,!! What you think about this??
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• India
5 May 12
Adoption of a child is indeed a very kind act towards humanity, but when it comes upon us we start giving it a second thought and end up having our own babies. Angelina Jolie, Sushmita Sen and many others have set an example before us, but still people are not ready to accept this noble idea of adoption. There are many couples who are unable to reproduce their own child, but they prefer to be childless than to adopt a child.
@arlera (86)
5 May 12
hi,i think adopting a child is a huge responsibility and u have to be quite sure about this because u cant do it and then want to change your mind,children are a joy, u must however hve lots of patience,i never knew what it was to really love someone until i had a child of my own,sometimes when i visit orphanages i wish i could take home one just to make them happy,i remember seeing a little boy about 7 which i really liked and was touched by his innonence. i wonder if thee stars spend time with the children they adopt or if its just a show,i ope its for the right reason.
@doroffee (4229)
• Hungary
4 May 12
If I'm gonna have a child, and I could, I'd like to have my own one. I guess it's kind of natural of people to want to have their own. But if I couldn't, I would definitely consider adopting, because, all in all, I could get a child, and I can make a child's life happier.
@jureathome (5363)
• Philippines
4 May 12
Not all mature people would think about adopting, but yes, you need to be mature and responsible to even think about doing so. These kids need special care and attention, so adopting is not a joke. I think, if I or my partner had some reproductive issues, we would resort to adopting 2 kids, a boy and a girl.
@WakeUpKitty (8704)
• Netherlands
4 May 12
Have you ever informed about how you can adopt a child nowadays? It's more about being very wealthy, so big business. Also it's nearly impossible to adopt a healthy child. You can not choose your own child and most children are SN (special need). So seriously sick, handicaped, dumped and not adopted in their own country. The countries who dump those kids have very high expectations of the adoption parents according to: high income, being high educated, age, etc etc. It has nothing to do anymore with a good deed, loving a kid for what it is, giving kids with no chance at all a chance of a better future. Also it's very hard for me to believe that such kids can be raised by a person or couple in the age of 22 (which already is possible) but not by someone on the age of 45 (who probl. have way more life experience, did live their life so will miss is less if they have to give up their life style and have probl. way more saving money to pay all the hospital bills etc). Being rich and famous might be a good reason to adopt a child as well. But if this has anything to do with being mature I doubt.
@MoonGypsy (4613)
• United States
4 May 12
i don't know angelina jolie. just because she is a rich star and presents her image a certain way doesn't mean she could be a good parent. perhaps she isn't one at all. she is so rich who is to say her kids aren't taken care of my nanny's who have become there parents. we only here and see them all hand in hand, those instances could all just be scheduled for the cameras. what i don't think is fare is that someone who is not of her "caliber" (especially economically) would have to go through the ringer to adapt a child. she went out of the states! some people can't even leave the states financially. if she had stayed in the states to adapt, she would have gotten the kids just cause of who she is off the movies. that's not fare. there are some really good people out there that may not be her, but would be 1000% just as good of a parent (if she is) even better. i don't have any problem with adaptions, it's just that's not fair.
@lizzyt2007 (1312)
• Craig, Alaska
4 May 12
I used to think I wanted to adopt. but now that my son is getting older I realized wow its really really hard to raise any child in this world. Life is so horrible and it ain't getting better yet. So I say until life gets better adoption or having anymore kids is not a good idea. I am not trying to preach but I believe that the bible says life will be perfect oneday and that is when I think its a great time to have more kids. Until then People need to lesson their stress and don't have more kids or adopt.