Football music?

@Nero11 (317)
May 4, 2012 5:49am CST
What's the best piece of music associated with football? Something that's really rousing and get's you right behind the team. Top picks for me would be 3 Lions, Nessun Dorma, Never Walk Alone, etc... Anything else that really gets you going?
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@allen0187 (34380)
• Philippines
5 May 12
hi nero. for me it is 'blue moon' for man city. there are a lot of versions but i particularly like this one, i also like the bit where man city fans sing the song at etihad, really cool song. cheers and happy mylotting!!!
@Nero11 (317)
14 May 12
They will have been singing it alot yesterday! And today, and tomorrow.... and until August I imagine... and beyond!
@allen0187 (34380)
• Philippines
15 May 12
yeah mate. i'm a man u fan and i feel crossed because man u didn't win the premiership this year but as a fan of the sport i'm generally happy. this is the first time that the title was decided on the last day of games and through goal difference. i actually went with friends to a sports bar to watch both man u and man city matches. the sportsbar that we went to had multiple tv sets throughout the bar and all the tv boxes showed these two games. pretty intense atmosphere in the bar really. there were man city and man u fans and there was some good old heckling going on between the two. nothing too serious though. in the end, it was the man city fans who went home with satisfied smiles across their faces!!! grats to all the man city fans out there!!! cheers!!!
@ram_cv (16516)
• India
4 May 12
I love the Champions League music. It simply lifts you up before the match and really sets the tone for the competition. Cheers! Ram
@jkct02 (2859)
• Malaysia
7 May 12
Yes that UCL music is also my favorite. It always makes me excited to wait for the kick off. A master piece.
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@sjlskl (3384)
• Singapore
10 May 12
No to say the songs got me on my feed, but immediately two came to my mind. They are You Never Walk Alone and Glory Glory Man Utd.
@lakantar (1575)
• Greece
4 May 12
Well there are some Greek chants that I like to hear them, other than that I have to say that I really like the UCL theme too plus I liked the WC98 theme, the one with the bagpipe in it.
@coldnpale (555)
• Greece
4 May 12
According to my opinion, there is no competition for the best football song. I'd have to say "song 2" by blur. The particular song was featured in fifa 98! It's an oldy nowadays, but I still consider it the ultimate football piece of music. Maybe it's because I was playing a lot of fifa those days, and it got me brainwashed.:P Still remember the intro! :D