What is your say on this pic????

Muslim veil - Veil in different religions exist but why always pointed out about muslim veil?
May 4, 2012 9:34am CST
Plz share your thoughts on this pic, Is it really peoples gone crazy about Islam and its preaching or this some kind of a propaganda from media??? I just want to explore the other part of the pic to understand the full view, comments are welcomed with open mind but should be logical.
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@Christoph56 (1508)
• Canada
4 May 12
Well, first of all, the Muslim clothing for women does not push towards any kind of terrorism, since, I have never heard of women being the one who was wearing a bomb, or hijacking airplanes or subways, or anything like that. So, the clothing the women wear, has absolutely nothing to do with terrorism. But, there is a more evil side to that clothing then there is for the rest of the groups pictured. When it comes to the Christian or Jewish side of it, the veil is more of a personal preference, if it will be worn, or not. The Christian one is a choice for the women, it shows that they have decided to give their life up to their church. The Islamic one, is not a choice. It was put forward by the religion, mainly for the Men to more own the woman they want, and to not let any men look at her. It's been called a way to stop rape, but it actually makes the men more forward in rape, because after not seeing any of their bodies, a man could get aroused from even seeing their ankle. So, no, I don't think it has anything to do with terrorism, but I do think that it's a bad direction for women, and it completely takes away the direction of equality, which I think should be how men and women stand.
• Italy
4 May 12
Well what i see around me in my society being a Muslim is that in Islam it is not forced by religion or men but it is the choice of women to use veil or not as your perception shows here that men or religion forces them to use veil. I think this point is a media propaganda. My own 3 sisters dont use veil and many other in surroundings dont use it. Its the female herself to decide this. and i agree with you on that rape theory.
• Canada
4 May 12
But, if it's the direct choice of the women to be covered up, then why are some Islamic women, the only ones who wear clothing like that? If it was all choice, then wouldn't it be a regular idea, with women around the world? It has spread, and in some areas with more of a mix of religion, like India, it's not necessarily, where in areas like the Middle East, it's far more of a requirement... even more powerful because it's even taken to law in some areas, and women can be penalized for not wearing it.
@samar54 (2456)
• Egypt
6 May 12
There is the phenomenon of the attack on slam and all that is Islamic, including this put forward, if Jewish or Christian want veil or niqab this modesty, dignity and respect, but if worn by Muslim this is terrorism, .. France, for example, which they say the country of freedom : Muslim women who wear the niqab to pay a fine, why this distinction ? There is also Hend Ahmas which arrested her in France for its insistence on wearing the niqab.
@iuliuxd (4453)
• Romania
4 May 12
I think the women presented as christian are Eastern Orthodox nuns. This is not the dressing code for the standard Christian believer or the Eastern Orthodox believer.It is the dressing code for nuns and it`s not the same thing as what happens in islam. But there is some truth in the picture, no one should be regarded as a terrorist just because of the way he is dressed or because of his religious beliefs.None of the 3 religions are not promoting hate or intolerance.