Grams of fiber per day?

@lmw814 (124)
United States
May 4, 2012 10:25am CST
Did you know that we are supposed to get 30 grams of fiber everyday? Honestly, I can't say that I know of anyone who does this. I know I don't even come close to it. Actually, anytime I've tried to increase fiber in my diet, I ended up with such a stomachache that it made me never even want to try it again.
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• United States
5 May 12
If you want to reach the 30 gram recommendation, you'd probably want to acclimatize to a fiber-eating diet first, you know, like bit by bit. Or, you could probably ask your doctor about an easier way to get fiber, because fiber upsets your stomach.
• Philippines
5 May 12
I agree with tigershark on this. If you are dealing with an upset stomach because of consuming fiber, you can always ask your doctor on some ways to eat fiber. I believe there are over the counter fiber supplement available these days.
• United States
1 Jun 12
I'm not sure if I get enough fiber daily, I haven't kept track. But I try to eat a fiber food with every meal. I make fruit muffins using whole wheat flour for breakfast (they freeze very nicely), or have steel cut oats (I make this in advance, it also freezes well). then for lunch I have soup, salad, or a sandwich and I'll have 1 or 2 slices of whole grain bread. For dinner lots of veggies. Wheat pasta or beans, or baked potatoe I really enjoy the sweet potatoes. I have a slight problem with high blood pressure and cholestrol. So I've researched the "Dash Diet". Just by changing my diet all of my cholestrol numbers dropped by atleast 60 points! It was so easy, they have a website too and its free. But what was so nice is that your given actual serving sizes so I didn't have to eat 3-4 cups of veggies and lettuce for a salad with my dinner. There is no special foods, supplements, shakes, or goodies to buy. Real food that can be found in any grocery store. There are several books out there with great recipies but common sense and portion control are key and you can find many free recipies online just doing a dash diet search.
@marguicha (102375)
• Chile
6 May 12
I think that all those figures are statistics. Every person has a different need. I know just about what sorts for food to eat and when. I know I´ll have trouble if I give in to my cravings for Gruyere cheese. But I also know that if I also eat whole kernel corn salad with tomatoes I will be ok.
• Philippines
5 May 12
What I usually do is that I consume food that is high in fiber and I spread it the entire day. I don't eat it in one go because I don't know what will happen to me if that is the case. However, 24 hours is long enough time for us to spread fiber consumptions if we really want to follow through with this recommended daily allowance.
@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
4 May 12
The trouble is that they make you think that to get the fiber you have to eat cardboard. I have no idea how much I get as I love fruits and some vegetables and there is fiber in that, but I am not a calorie counter either. I do know if you eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and salads, you can get fiber and do not need to just eat granola bars and cereals all the time. You do have to drink a lot of water so do not worry about eating something that tastes like cardboard and eat more fruit and vegetables and the fiber will increase and forget about the counting.