people are less interested to meet people online

@hotsummer (10449)
May 5, 2012 12:42am CST
few months back i feel that people i know are excited to meet more people online and get to see them in real life. but i think they have discovered that it is not always good to meet those people you chat with online. that they are not that as good as they thought they are when they chat with them. they are not that interesting in real life. i feel that it is just a waste of time to look for people online for real friendship or more than that in life.
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@averygirl72 (16617)
• Philippines
5 May 12
It is interesting and very easy to meet people online than in the real world. In real world they might not pay attention to you but online they would pay attention to you specially if the site pays to socialize. However, I am interested to find out if one can really form some kind of true or real friendship online?
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6 May 12
it is very easy to meet friend online,they often are interesting in your topic and have the same is the differecty that they want to meet in the real life,they know each other very little and do not trust each other or other reason.
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
5 May 12
I can't say that in the years I am on the internet I noticed any change in people's behaviour if it comes to meeting online and wanting to meet personal. Might be I only meet the people who are not interested in meeting personally? I am also not interested in that in the first place. Internet is a way for me to gather information, to keep my mind busy, to exchange ideas/opinions. I don't see it as a way to meet new people (in life).
@MoonGypsy (4613)
• United States
5 May 12
i do online friendships because it is easier than off line friendships. offline friendships take so much more energy. i can spend better quality time online with a friend and i will want to with out getting bored and needing my own space again. furthermore, online relationships are safer when kept only online. from the time you take the friendship offline, then the problems and the drama begins. it also can be dangerous.
• India
5 May 12
I used to chat with the people to have my leisure time a wonderful one. I believe that online chats helps you you to bring a wonderful time. This is the one of the reason why I had joined in Facebook.