Can fellow Mothers share what they think would be a great mother's day

Hong Kong
May 6, 2012 4:30am CST
I'm a daughter. I wish to know how Mothers think a great mother's day would be. You may kindly share your great days before or your dream day. Please don't just tell me "being with the whole family is good enough". Yes, being with the family is a lucky and happy thing itself I know. But what do you do with them?
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@lady1993 (20703)
• Philippines
8 May 12
You can make a gift for her..a card maybe, or something else that she would really love- it's different for each mother.. You can cook her good food too and surprise her. Or you can just go to the mall and buy her something with your money.
@ARIES1973 (9539)
• Legaspi, Philippines
6 May 12
Hi innerdoll! I would love to go to a certain place with them and just enjoy each others company. I would also love to receive a special gift from my children, anything will do. Actually my children would always make a card on every occasion even now that they grown ups already. It's an influence from a father who is just so thoughtful and loving.
@MAllen400 (830)
6 May 12
When my daughter was young and she asked me about Mothers day I used to always tell her, and mean it, that I wanted a day where everyone was together and happy. She would say yes but what do You want. She is now a Mum and at last knows what I mean. A Mum wants everyone happy. Perhaps a cup of tea and breakfast brought up to her in bed and no washing up! During the day just togetherness chatting or going somewhere special that does not cost much like to the park she took you when you were small. This might sound boring to you but sure your mum would love it. By the way you sound so good thinking Mothers day out she must be proud of you.
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
6 May 12
I think it depends on the mother. I always have my kids around I want space and time for me without being disturbed. I am also not happy if you give me again some kitchen tools or scarfs or deo or perfume. All signs you don't know me at all. It's fine with me if my eldest visit their mother in law if my youngest make something for me themselves I like it way more as when they buy something. I also don't like to serve others again (coffee, tea, pie, food) and have a lot of extra work. So I think if you really want to know how to make your mother happy you should really know her. I am most happy if you don't disturb me whole night on or stay there already at 6 in the morning asking me something.