Our newspaper wrote the wrong date for the Middle Eastern Dance recital.

@writersedge (22579)
United States
May 7, 2012 5:54am CST
Some of you know that I try to go 2xs a year to the end of semester Middle Eastern Dance recital that the ME Dancers have. Well our newspaper wrote the wrong date. So people didn't come back if they went to the wrong one. Instead of their usual number of people, they had about half the crowd they usaully do. We actually had a parking space. So that's how few their were. You can tell the recession has hit. Lots of modified regular clothing such as bell bottoms slit up to the knees on the outside, a shawl decorated with ribbons sewn into a skirt, etc. Lost of metalic ribbons or threads used to decorate instead of sequins, coins, etc. The money spent was mostly on veils. Yellow, orange, and red were the predominate colors with some metalic gray, flame blue, and black. The them was the year of the dragon so fire colors, smoke colors, flame, etc. There was one dance dedicated to the dragon. It was wonderful. I love to see new dancers go from shy, nervous, scared, and sometimes even stiff to later on, when they become advanced flexible, confident and wow the crowd. There were two dancers that did fun and sassy routines. One was a new dancer who had just danced with her class last time and really kicked a solo this time. People went wild! The boom box broke and the back up one kept starting over. We had to wait for someone to go hone, get theirs and come back. Instead of 7PM to 9PM it was almost 10 when it finished. Poor them, so many things going wrong. First the wrong date in the paper and then sound problems. So have you ever followed a class and seen people improve? Have you ever gone to a middle eastern dance show? How has the recession hit performances is your area?
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