This is for Moms, of all species!

May 13, 2012 3:52am CST
Back in 2011, my Mom was the happiest gal in the world in April, when she found a Momma duck in her back yard, raising a big group of eggs on a little hole that Momma duck had dug into the ground. My Mom was so excited about it, and she was telling everyone, having friends over to see it, and she was posting on the internet about it... she was just ecstatic. For myself, I thought it sounded like so much fun to see those eggs hatch, and I do video, so I traveled around 400km, back to my Mom's place, right near last mother's day, and we both watched those eggs hatch... and I got video of it... probably around 22 hours of video all together. Well, this year, I'm not able to make it out to my Mom's place for Mother's day, but I had to do something special for her, so I put together all that video I got, into a little joke we had been talking about, back then... and as of today, since it is Mother's Day all over again, I posted a complete, edited version of that video, onto youtube. I hope that everyone can take a peak at it, and pass it onto their family and friends... I mean, how can you go wrong with a duck Mom, having her little babies hatch on video, for mother's day? Happy Mother's Day, to every single Species*! * - But, my Mom is the best :)
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@pjha1975 (214)
• India
13 May 12
Hi Christoph56.. That was a lovely video.. I really enjoyed watching it. I have shared it on my 'Facebook' timeline.. 22 hours of video!!! It was really superb.. Thanks for sharing.