May 13, 2012 9:54am CST
I love eating Fries. Morning, Merianda and Before I go to sleep. Is this bad for our health?
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@ardoy0731 (6865)
• Philippines
20 May 12
I love fries too especially dipping it in catsup. Well it is really bad for health when eating it everyday or all the time.
• Philippines
20 May 12
I love it when there's Gravy. I love the taste. I love the texture. I love Fries. :)
@NailTech (6890)
• United States
13 May 12
Yes I believe it is bad for your health. I would try to cut back alot in your case and try different foods, especially if they are very greasy. I like fries just like the next person, and other foods as well, but to eat them morning, noon and night would be really wrong and i would start to get sick and maybe even dislike them.
• Philippines
14 May 12
How can i stop eating Fries? I reaaly love Fries. But sometimes I made Homemade fries so that I wont harm me.
@Badkid (235)
• Philippines
1 Dec 12
Yeah thats bad.we should never eat fries everyday for the whole I eat fries once a month,sometimes twice a month..because eating much fries would cause to colon cancer.try to eat vegetables,they are healthy.sometimes when I want to eat fried vegetables,I just fry carrots,Potatoes,Brocolli,and so on..I just forget the other.. :)) remember ok??? dont eat fries every each would cause colon cancer!.
• India
21 Aug 12
Of course having too much fries is bad for our health. Fries contain carbohydrates,cholesterol which affects health. Eating fries can also lead to obesity.
17 Aug 12
I love french fries done in hot oil and only put salt. I know it is not good for health.But some time is OK.What do you think abought this?
@Aggy91 (49)
9 Aug 12
I also Love eating fries but too much of it is apparently not good for our health; since they are deep fried,they contain excess oil which most is stored in the body tissues and may result to being overwheight. That is why i stopped having the fried ones everyday,so i alternate with the healthier fries that are bakes.
@salonga (27955)
• Philippines
6 Jul 12
fries - Healthy or not, who cares?
Fries in the morning, fries at noon, fries at snack time and fries in the evening. You are ingesting nothing but carbohydrates and fats my dear. And besides if the fries are not homemade but bought from the likes of Mcdonalds then I would say it is really, really bad. Once in a while is okay but to make fries your life is not good at all.
@GemmaR (8526)
22 Jun 12
Anything would be bad for your health if it was all that you ate for the whole of the day. You can have fries, but make sure that you remember to eat other things as well, for example fruit and vegetables, as this will mean that you are able to have a healthy and balanced diet whilst still being able to eat the foods that you enjoy. I have lost a lot of weight recently, and I have never had to cut out things that I like to eat completely; I just make sure that I have everything in moderation, and it becomes more of a treat if you're not eating it all the time anyway.
• Bulgaria
13 Jun 12
Fries is the worst thing who we need to eat ... this is very bad for our health ... but is delicious , how to stop that food ;x
@PageTurner (2827)
• United States
3 Jun 12
I love the fries as well, anajoyjoxoxo03! Do you eat them fried, or have you tried baking them? I liked them fried and also baked. I didn't think that I would like them the baked, but there is not any discernable difference in taste. The baked fries are supposed to be healthier, so you may want to consider this option. The gravy on the fries is good, as is the cheese and the chili. Also I like the ketchup on the fries. And the mayo.
@lady1993 (20427)
• Philippines
18 May 12
I love eating fries too- they are still delicious even though they are not hot anymore. But it is not good to eat them daily since they have lots of bad cholesterol since hey are deep fried.
@loveshop (127)
• Turkey
14 May 12
Fries is nice, I love that too. But it contain oil too much for frying. Its bad if you always eat it. Try avoid it before you go to sleep, you can replace eating salad at night
• United States
14 May 12
Considering that fries are loaded with salt and are deep fried, yes.