What do you think about dating in the dark?

@alutka (211)
May 14, 2012 2:49pm CST
sounds cool, blind date,,, but have you ever survived such a thing? Once I was on that date, cost me a lot of nerves, the heart was beating like crazy, my hands were shaking, tongue stuttered, but consoled himself that the other party may also have stresa.Jak all came to the same meeting it was better by the minute , after a few lines both forgotten that this is a blind date and roamawialismy already relaxed, laughed, zartowalismy.Ale, what he experienced before the date, how much emotion it cost me, helped me decide that no more blind dates, now we have hold.
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@sid556 (31003)
• United States
14 May 12
I have gone on a blind date and hated it. ..HATED IT. I was young and kind of pushed into it. I think it was as bad for him as it was for me. Mutual friends for some unknown reason thought we'd be compatable. He wasn't a bad guy or anything and it was a double date so we were not shoved alone together. I made the best of it and so did he. It was just awkward and I think we both felt that the two that hooked us up were looking for us to connect....pressure. It didn't happen. At the end of the evening when he walked me to my door and we were supposed to kiss, I felt the little "matchmakers" in the car watching us. I leaned over and whispered in his ear"Thanks for being so nice but let's say "no" to these guys next time." He kind of laughed and agreed. I would not say that it cost me much emotion at all but I would never do that again. Friends have tried. Its got to be natural or not at all.
@alutka (211)
17 May 12
Friends can sometimes get us into a Confused especially as they want to force us happy and we arrange a date on ciemno.ale coz what does not kill us makes us stronger, the best,
@Porcospino (18601)
• Denmark
21 May 12
I have been on blind dates that my friends arranged. Those dates weren't a big success. I especially remember one blind date that my neighbour arranged. I was nervous before I met the guy and I didn't know what to expect. We had a pretty nice evening together, but I wasn't attracted to him, and we never met more than once. I have also been on blind dates with people that I met online. Those dates also made me very nervous, but at the same time it was exciting to meet someone that I didn't know, and I was curious to find out what kind of person I was going to meet. The first dates didn't go that well, and then I finally met my husband.