Shahrukh banned from entering to Wankade stadium by MCB fair or unfair.

May 17, 2012 7:13am CST
During the last match ofKolkata against Mumbai Indians Shahrukh khan had a rough argument against the security men for not allowing him to meet with the team mates and entering the ground. The security complained that shahrukh misbehaved to him based on the complaint Mumbai cricket board banned shahrukh khan from entering to Wankade stadium do you think the decision by MCB is fair or not . i dont think it is fair to ban any person from entering the cricket stadium they could have taken other legal actions against him but this type of decisons is not suited to democratic setup.
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@Manasha (2308)
• Pondicherry, India
17 May 12
yes it is a correct move taken by the management.
• India
17 May 12
Hey Mansha, Khan is a film actor and a owner of KKR and he has the right to see his players in the ground and no one can stop him. I wonder why you are against him.
@peferble (149)
• Bangladesh
19 May 12
I am agree with thewonderboy, Khan is the owner of KKR and he has the right to see the players and cheers with them after winning the match as well as confirmation of play off. But the security of Mumbai is doing too much. They just took an revenge of the losing match.
@ram_cv (16516)
• India
17 May 12
I think Shahrukh is to blame for this. He had no business bringing in kids there. I think for the first time in IPL had relinquished all attention to his team and they performed brilliantly so far. But now he has come back to try and grab the attention of people. I think he should simply go back to background and allow Gauti and boys to hog the limelight. Cheers! Ram
• India
17 May 12
I think they had done a simple mistake becuase Khan is the owner of the team and he has the right to meet the players and also Khan is a famous actor and he should be given some priority. I think is is unfair decision taken by MCB