How to use Adobe Reader?

May 17, 2012 12:43pm CST
Can any one say how to use Adobe Reader? I have installed it from the Internet but unfortunately, I do not know how to use it. Please help me.
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@jwfarrimond (4474)
20 May 12
You don't have to know how to use it. If you have a pdf file and you open it, Adobe Reader will open it automatically.
@rusale (648)
• Philippines
19 May 12
Adobe Reader is used to read PDF and other types of files I guess. It will automatically read those types of file if you have installed the Adobe Reader already.
@tkonlinevn (5784)
• Vietnam
18 May 12
I use it to read .pdf files. I can't stand if I have not installed Adobe Reader. There are too many .pdf files because they're very light.
@myl999 (2093)
• India
18 May 12
It is simply a pdf reader so when you get some pdf reports or ebook you automatically will use the reader in your pc which will load the book or report in pdf format for you.I have so far just using it for reading and sometime saving a copy from what I read thats all not tried to find out other uses if any are there.
• India
18 May 12
Adobe reader is a software created by adobe to open the .pdf extensions files. Those readers are also available in our mobile to open them. Now you can see most of the circulars or messages are uploaded in the pdf extensions ans such software like reader is very important to read them. If you need a file with adobe reader. the only thing you have to do is just open it with reader. It will allow you to read the contents in it.
• Virar, India
17 May 12
Adobe Reader is used to read .pdf extension files. You can download any e-book in PDF format and read there in Adobe Reader.