A World by Rules or Intelligence????

United States
@bird123 (9891)
May 19, 2012 12:27am CST
How would you run the world, by rules or by intelligence?? Of course, with a physical universe there are physical laws that must apply so that the world works. This is different from the laws or rules that are created by mankind. If one runs the world by Rules, one must supply everyone with a copy of these rules. One must police these rules. Next comes the consequences when the rules are broken. Since few things are black and white, there must be a way for people to contest the punishment, the rules or the judgment call. Justice is important. If you look at mankind, you can see that running the world by rules takes a lot of work. There are judges, lawyers, and congressmen. Let's not forget the prisons and the guards. I understand that at mankind's level that rules are about the only way they are capable of running things, but could there be a better way that takes so much less work?? After all,why do all that work if there is a better way? With unlimited capabilities, God has a better way. God's system runs on intelligence. When one understands all sides of something, intelligence will always determine the right course. This system works great. God has no need to Hate, to Judge,or to Condemn yet everything works out. All God must do is return our actions back to us. When people live all sides, they will choose what is right. Simple, isn't it?? God works on multiple levels with multiple views. There must be more to God's system than making the right choices. By returning our actions back to us, we will all learn to Love Unconditionally. After all, that is what everyone wants back. This is something that will take time, however God's children are intelligent. They will see and understand in time. Of course, there is a catch. God running the world with intelligence knows that those not capable of making the system work through a lack of capabilities will opt to making rules. Look at mankind. The positive side is that by the time mankind grows enough to be able to run things through intelligence that they will know rules, punishment and hate are not the optimum system. Advances in artificial intelligence with computers is showing that more can be accomplished having a system Learn rather than merely program the computer with rules and laws. God is ahead of us and already knows Teaching is the best way. Perhaps, mankind should work on that and solve the problems rather than merely condemn, punish and hate with no more teaching than hurt. There is a better way. See what God is really doing with this world. It stares us in the face. Starting to see God yet????