Is readbud scam?

May 23, 2012 10:19pm CST
Recently i have found a new earning site readbud where you get paid by reading and rating articles. i have no idea whether this site is scam or legit. can you guys tell me have anyone get paid from this site or not? should i spend my time on this site or not?
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24 May 12
Yeah, I think that readbud is a scam, some of friend quit from readbud since they did not get any payment through readbud. But some people also said to me that they get their payment after getting more than 52 dollars. I don't know which one is true.
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@topffer (32760)
• France
24 May 12
All the proofs I have seen online are fake, and have been forged just to get referrals, when Readbud started. Look at them : you will not find 2 of them with the same exact company name, and I remember to have seen one in Canadian dollars when Readbud is based in Australia.
25 May 12
Really??? Hohoho, thanks since with this I can really tell my friend to "throw away" that Readbud since they will only wasting their time with that scam site. Thank you for the information. :D
• United States
24 Mar 13
Readbud site is not even online anymore. The site probably went bankrupt and could not afford to pay their hosting fees for their website. I worked with that site for a little while.
@TeamCholent (2843)
• United States
29 Jul 12
Before posting a thread you need to search to see if it has been discussed in the past. This site has been mentioned dozens of times and the outcome is still the same. It is a scam.
• Canada
19 Jul 12
Yes total 100% piece of scamming trash! I tried it last year and made like 50 some odd bucks and they never paid me. It's so hard to find things online these days that are not total scam.
• United States
24 May 12
Dear I looked at the website and saw rhat they cashout was 50 dollars.I don't join sites with a cashout over $10 because I know its a scam.Even if it wasn't a scam then it would take forever to cashout.This is only a matter of opinion but I think you are better off spending time on mylot.Mylot is probably a more legit site and I know it pays even though I haven't reached the cashout.I have been scanned twice before an d now I only join sites with good reviews.
@peferble (149)
• Bangladesh
24 May 12
Hi manishaom Regarding on huge forum comment i can say that it is a well known scam site. You will never go for the withdrawal money. Don't waste time here. Thank You Have a nice day.
@narnia007 (1051)
• India
24 May 12
I can't believe still this site is running.I joined this site about 1 year back and found it so easy to rate the articles and thus to earn from there.But from the reviews and from peer advice,I learned this website is a complete scam.They have not paid anybody.Several people on mylot have reached the minimum payout level and never been paid.Don't waste your time there.
@marguicha (87912)
• Chile
24 May 12
I have never heard of anyone that has been paid. I worked at the site several month and did not reach the end. So now I´m more modest. I reach payments from lower cashout legit sites. And I don´t invest but rather exchange links to get direct referrals.
@Sanitary (3969)
• Singapore
24 May 12
Yes, readbud is a scam. I'm their member and i've requested for payout over a year ago and they have not paid me anything yet. What's more, earnings for the initial stage is really fast and one can reach the $40 mark in couple of weeks. ANything above $40 to payout at $50, it can take at least months. That's a tell tale sign of it turning scam. There are others who claimed to have been paid but i don't quite believe it. It's either readbud is randomly selecting some to be paid or they are lying.
@owlwings (38642)
• Cambridge, England
24 May 12
The site has never paid. It is a complete scam.
@txgrl21 (819)
• United States
24 May 12
I worked on it for a while but quit after hearing here in mylot it was a scam. I have never seen any payment proof and I've read somewhere else that the site only pays to Canada members but who knows.