How to play sims 2 on laptop?

May 24, 2012 11:26pm CST
Sims 2 game more interesting than the sims, as curious about this game I finally rented the first DVD and install this game is really confusing to ultimately succed. Never used to crash my laptop so it does not end this game of life I play the computer. Do you think the game sims 2 does not fit in a laptop, what if sims 2 using all expension, what happens with laptop? is there any member here who has ever tried?
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• United States
25 May 12
I tried to load the sims last night and it would not load. I broke my cd player on my laptop. so,I will need to replace it somehow.
• Indonesia
26 May 12
Sims last night was the last expansion, it could take a lot of memory.
@RamRes (1725)
• Argentina
26 May 12
It doesn't matters if it's laptop or desktop or whatever really, the game should work the same, provided you meet the minimum hardware requirements. I've successfully played on a desktop with a core2duo CPU and onboard GPU with 2GB ram without major problems, and my laptop with an i7 and 8GB ram runs it smoothly, both with expansions and without any expansion. The only problem you may get is if you're using a netbook, with less powerful hardware. Take into account that overheating may be playing a role too and is a very common problem in laptops running games.