What do you ever wanted in life

Pasay, Philippines
May 25, 2012 2:05pm CST
I want a brand new house. I so do love and want it badly. Care to ask me why but don't laugh about it hardly. If you're going to ask other people, they will say; yeah it's nice to have your own house and such but they won't take it seriously sine a person has a certain level of comfort zones and such. But not me. I can't just let my day passed by without getting myself a house. My family has a house big enough for a ll of my dad's extended families and aunts and uncles but when I grew up before I still clearly remember how hard for me to mitigate with my relatives and until now; the pressure's still there. I want a peaceful life; so to speak. I did break my parents' heart so badly as I cut my ties with them for 3-4 months now but I have to. It doesn't help me being around them at all and I have to make the best of myself alone. Call it arrogance but I called it living a more peaceful "life". How many of you have this dream in life that you want so badly and how does it affect you as a person? let me know your grounds and enjoy mylotting about it. This is going to be my 330th posts and I made it somewhat special for all mylotters. Thanks!
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@thanks1961 (7046)
• India
26 May 12
Hi, There is nothing bad about it and I appreciate your self content and decision to reach levels of high-ness in your life. The ambition is not arrogance. You are decided and this is your wish to achieve. Just like you, this ambition was within my mind about 15 years before and I fulfilled my dream home in the month of Dec 1998. After 5 years I move to a bigger house and now gain I sold the bigger house and moved to a little small one and the excess money I invested certain land property at my native village with a bigger house and 1 acre of land with all facilities. I said just to tell you that we would have ambition and a will to achieve it. I am much sure that you will fulfill your desire and don't forget to distribute ice cream and chocolates to your dearest myLoters tooooo.
• Pasay, Philippines
26 May 12
Wows... good job ^___^-) Good to know that you were able to fulfill your dreams. There are certain reasons sometimes most of them don't want to make it on their own yet; they're still comfortable or okay with their comfort zones. But not me. I'm not being blessed with a property that I can call my own as soon I was born here on Earth. It does made me hate myself more but at the very least gave me that motivation. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and happy mylotting ^____^-)
@ryanong (9694)
• Vietnam
26 May 12
hehehe, i want to have enough money to buy my own house, i want to have much money to go to meet my boyfriend every weekend...
@freymind (1352)
• Philippines
26 May 12
What I wanted to have is to have a complete family. To have someone who's not going to leave me for whatever reason. And I think I've met my match. I too grew up in a house with a lot of relatives. Its hard and you don't have your own space or peace. When I moved out of the house when I was turning 25 and living with my hubby who was my bf at that time, it was liberating. I did everything by myself nobody telling me what to do. I'm lucky to have a hubby who wanted to have our own space. Before we got married, we bought a 3 bedroom house and its going to be complete on the first quarter next year. I get you totally and keep it up!
@meozard22 (872)
• Philippines
26 May 12
we're just the same. I want to have my own house. I wanna leave this place. Our house now is very small that I don't feel very comfortable. I wanna leave the noises of my cousins here, my inconsiderate aunts that don't mind doing some stuffs that didn't mind that they're not the only one that's living here. I wanna feel free.
@Lore2009 (7389)
• United States
25 May 12
I don't think it is arrogance because everyone deserves to be happy and free. I can understand that you want to be alone and it's a healthy thing. Living with too many people always causes problems. But for me, the one thing I want in life is courage to travel on my own. I want to see the whole world but am afraid to do it by myself.