the amazing spider hate or love?

United Arab Emirates
June 2, 2012 12:51am CST
hi guys i just heard about the amazing spider which is a cool movie with alot of actions i didnt see it but i saw the trailer its amazing. but there is something annoying me that they took the idea of spider man 1 2 3 and made another movie its not fair i am really disappointed of this movie , i mean why cant they get there own movie idea instead of using other movies. but seriously i love the movie action and stuff but the thing that i hate that they took the spider man movie and made another one. where he use his scientific mind to make website and stuff with no biological power like spider man 1 2 3. ok please reply to discuss together about this bye
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• Indonesia
3 Jun 12
Yeah i agree with you, they broke the idea of spiderman 123
@jend80 (2068)
2 Jun 12
The Spider-man comic book's been relaunched/re-booted/reworked / retolled existing continuity a lot + there's already been several tv series (live action & different cartoon series) over the decadades. Other super-hero movie characters like Batman & Hulk have had franchise reboots/relaunches, cancelling out the previous films so why not a new Spider-man film going back to the beginning? (even if it is a bit soon tbh).