How has your week been going?

United States
June 7, 2012 1:12am CST
My week has been pretty busy and stressful. We have had a lot going on with the car so that has caused a great deal of anxiety. So I'm hoping that after we get it fixed things will calm down. It is suppose to get worked on this Friday.
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@megamatt (14329)
• United States
7 Jun 12
The week feels like something that has been a transitional one to say the very least. There are many times where it just seems like I'm waiting for the next big thing to happen. Still plenty to do, but perhaps at a level or two beneath what I have had to do with these previous weeks. Of course, it could be the calm before the storm. As I sit back and really just prepare for the next part in life, I am hoping it would really be something that is wonderful. There is just something about this week where it seems to be preparing me for the next step. What that step will be, we're just going to have to wait and see. Hopefully this one ends on a good note for everyone.
• Estonia
7 Jun 12
Mine's been going quite good, I did have a stressful day at work towards the beginning of the week but now I've had a few days off so I've just been relaxing and taking it easy.
@sishy7 (27631)
• Australia
7 Jun 12
It's been a short week with Monday being a public holiday here. So this week feels like it goes so fast; I have to keep reminding myself today that tomorrow is Friday already!
• Philippines
7 Jun 12
i'd like to think that i've been productive this week compared to lastweek where I was absent from work for 3 days. except that I misses my son so much when Im not home, everthiong is actually quite good so far.