The Psychology of seduction

June 7, 2012 4:29am CST
Hi mylotters, yesterday I bought a book titled 'The Psychology of seduction' my reason being I am really afraid of approaching girls and I tought this book might help me.Anyone here in mylot who have read it?does it help?
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7 Jun 12
I hope the book will really help you a lot but i think no need books already for just courting a girls, i think you just need to have more confident to yourself. stay as what you don't need to be afraid to approach, you just say"hi" then start talking to her that's all invite her after your long talks like having a snacks/dinner or whatever. just trust yourself okay?good luck.
• Ethiopia
7 Jun 12
Ok Thanks and I belive what you said because you are a girl but what I am afraid is not the girl herself but what to say after saying 'hi' to.I have problem to start discussion.I am not creative to start a discussion in any situation.
• United States
7 Jun 12
No book will ever teach you how to approach women. These books are meant to prey on naive people who aren't confident enough in themselves. The only thing you need to approach a woman is the nerve to say hello. You may not score with every woman you say hello to but a few of them will say hello back and from there its all about having a good conversation.