how to get rich by making money online

June 7, 2012 10:13am CST
Hi mylotters , I have read that CPA networks are easy ways to make money and even to get rich.I have applied to one of them but they denied me three times and I am frausterated now.Anyone here in mylot who knows about CPA networks that accept immediatly or any other sites where I can make money to get rich?
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@owlwings (39872)
• Cambridge, England
7 Jun 12
The first thing to do is to understand about CPA marketing and just HOW it can be profitable to give something away for free. This article (and the free book it mentions) should give you a good start: Once you understand what the market is and how to use it, you may be in a better position to join one or two of the networks. There's a good list of networks here, with knowledgeable reviews (very important! This person has USED the networks and gives his actual experience): No good method of making money is easy! Any worthwhile business requires hard work, dedication, a variety of skills (which you may have to work hard to learn) and TIME. There is no such thing as 'instant riches'.
• Ethiopia
7 Jun 12
Thank you owlwings for your helpful post and I agree with you that there is is no way to get rich instantly and I should work hard to get rich.When it comes to CPA networks I hate the phone call part. Now I was looking for other online money making ways that make you rich OTHER THAN CPA networks.
• Ethiopia
7 Jun 12
What I mean phone call is to be approved at CPA net works the affilate manager will call to you as the approval process.And I hate this part of the approval process.
• Philippines
28 Sep 12
I am a member of 11 cpa networks as of now. They are all the best ones out there. Given the fact I make $1 - $2 a day only and I am a complete newbie. But, it terms of SEO or other things about online money making. I knew the basics and I am eager to learn. That's all you need to be accepted in a cpa network. Phone calls are not necessary to be accepted. You can ask around or join groups about cpa marketing to know more about this kind of stuffs before going into the industry. You said that you will make big money here. It is true, but keep in mind that Big money will need Big efforts too. Like in the real world. Nothing is easy. Just don't give up.
• Greece
2 Oct 12
hi mi name is maria and i would like to know if you can advice on how to have a passive income.could you suggest sites that can help me make money online?i live in greece and now due to crisis is difficult with our cutoffs of the salary to pay our bills and have a good life without worrying about financial problems.hope to hear from you soon!