My own review over this all - in - one gateway computer

United States
June 11, 2012 4:40am CST
I recently bought this all - in - one gateway computer, and it is a touch - screen. Overall, it is better than all my other computers in functionality and performance speed. Although I bought it as refurbished, it work as brand - new to me. One thing I don't like this computer is that, when I used the touch screen function, it wasn't all the sensitive. For instance, when I touch this submit button on a particular website, I have to do it at least twice for it to recognize that I want to submit. So, I rather stick with keyboard, and the mouse which are connected to the computer through USB port. Overall, not so bad with this computer, with $499, I think it is worth the price.
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• United States
11 Jun 12
I don't have the knack for touch screen technology myself, and I can't seem myself paying extra for it. The WII U is supposed to use touch screen technology, and I can see right now, I will never play it.
@pahak627 (4198)
• Philippines
11 Jun 12
Gateway is good. My netbook is also from gateway. It's not touch screen yet. It has been in my possession for over 3 years already and it's still in good condition. My only problem here is that I have to use cooling pad because it easily heats. Without a cooling pad it will suddenly stop. But I like it.