Selling Emails

@carben44 (322)
June 13, 2012 8:52am CST
I had a thought on this idea. Is it legal to sell email addresses, providing the owner has agreed to receive emails? My thought on this is I used to run a newsletter circle a few years back, and to receive it, users had to agree to receiving adverts etc via email. Technically, I could sell the several thousand addresses, right?
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@yallit (3678)
• Philippines
13 Jun 12
They agreed to receive emails from you but not from others you're planning to sell their email addresses to. Technically, that would be called breach of privacy should you proceed in selling those email addresses to other interested parties.
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@babyEj (1525)
• Philippines
13 Jun 12
Your're right yallit.... these were things that made my head badly. Then, I prefer you (host) won't do that.
@Devilova (5396)
• Indonesia
13 Jun 12
Firstly, welcome the our beloved Lot carben. Why you have to sell it if you could use it by yourself. What you will get from selling all of them? $1 per thousand? Since they are on your list, most of them maybe still trust to you. So, whatever you send to them will be check by them. Try to signup to a CPA program and promote iu to them. Its also could be used to gain visitors to your site.
@jeth88 (68)
• Manila, Philippines
14 Jun 12
I agree with everything you say. Why do you have to sell them if you can benefit from it. Thanks for pin pointing that to us. :)
@Labrat (210)
13 Jun 12
all depends on exactly what they agreed to
@deebomb (15323)
• United States
13 Jun 12
Hello carben and welcome to myLot. Years ago there were businesses that sold snail mail addresses to people that wanted to make money stuffing envelopes. It doesn't seem to me that what you are proposing would be any different. I know that. I get all kinds of email that are solicitations that I don't want. So what you are wanting to do may not be wrong. Good luck with it if you go ahead with it.