@Labrat (210)
June 13, 2012 4:25pm CST
Litter and graffiti are massive problems in many areas today, I personally hate it, I use graffiti loosely because I would class tagging as graffiti but other do and I dont mind real graffiti that are peices of art. Chances are only one person has touch it previous to dropping it, yet the money in your hand has had plenty of owners picking up dirt, germs, feacal matter, mucus, blood, etc on its way If everyone picked up just a few peices of litter a week think of the change, think of the value rise of the area
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@nonersays (2753)
• United States
13 Jun 12
We don't have a lot of problem with graffiti, but the litter in my neighborhood alone is CRAZY. It got even worse when a gas station opened around the corner. And it is THICKEST at the bus stops. I wish the city would put a trash can at every bus stop to keep people from throwing it on the ground. When I take my son to the neighborhood park I take a plastic bag with me and pick up garbage on the playground. And you are right, the cash in your pocket is probably a hundred times more filthy than the trash on the ground.
@marguicha (94685)
• Chile
27 Apr 13
I agree that one thing is using the walls of the city to say something, and quite another to make walls dirty in all senses of the word. As for littering: there`s no excuse and nothing can be done to use milder words. I would fine people caught littering. And I would include babies (paid by parents, of course.