Traffic for my website

June 20, 2012 4:57am CST
Any people know any ways for free traffic for my site?
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20 Jun 12
Building up targeted traffic takes time, patience and hard work. Free traffic takes longer to work and sadly most traffic exchange site's are not targeted traffic. I have a few good ways to build traffic for free but will share two of them, that works the best for me. Article Marketing: Always a good long lasting way to build up traffic if planned out correctly, with good keywords and niches. Submit them to the most popular article site's and make sure you link back to your site in the author box. E book's: Write a eBook around the topic of your site, containing a few links to your web site's pages, and give this away to your subscribers this way you can also build up a good list for marketing and to keep in touch with your buyers. I don't even need to state the hundreds of places online where you can offer your eBook for free. Within a few months you should see dramatic results pending on your niche, product(s) or the service you providing. I always encourage new marketers to rather save up when earning online, and buy a website that's already been optimized and have traffic to get started with while learning all the skills involved with running a site. There are plenty of site's to choose from online that wont cost you to much investment and the basic one's are relatively cheap.
@aciek12 (138)
• Indonesia
20 Jun 12
If u wanna take 1:1 traffic (which mean its not autosurf) EasyHits4u is best. but if u wamt to use autosurf goto
@sajeevking (5080)
• Mumbai, India
20 Jun 12
Use you website link as you signature in emails, forums and while commenting on other blogs. submit your website to all the free directory site create a fan page in facebook and promote it there what is your blog about. try to promote you blog in place which is related to your blog you would get more views for free.
@carben44 (322)
20 Jun 12
Realistically, there aren't any "free" ways to get traffic to your site. The best way I have seen is via EarnEasyCash. They offer 1,000 views for $0.50, however, the minimum purchase is 3,000 views for $1.50. In my opinion, that's a bargain :)
@owlwings (40106)
• Cambridge, England
20 Jun 12
You could join Tabzi or any number of other site exchange programs but these are very unlikely to generate anything more than views. If you want traffic, you must have content that people will find valuable and unique, you must optimise your site for Search engines and it helps to get back links on high-rated, relevant sites. None of that is easy and getting good backlinks involves a lot of hard work, in spite of what many people will tell you to the contrary (because they are selling 'solutions'). Content is the most vitally important thing. If you are only doing something which thousands of other sites do, then you can go whistle for traffic!