Why do so many people fear death?

@Pose123 (21667)
June 21, 2012 8:43am CST
Death is a part of life,yet it is one of those things that we try not to think about – some of us live as if we will never die and pretend as if by ignoring it nothing will happen to us, but what if looking at our own mortality could free us? What if looking death in the face actually makes us transcendent to death? What if embracing our own mortality gave us a freedom that we never knew possible, or allowed us to live each moment to it’s fullest and to experience life in a way that makes each moment more beautiful then the one that preceded it. Men especially, never want to talk about death and are determined to ignore it at all costs. What part has religion played in all of this? Do you fear death because you have heard so much about hell fire and eternal damnation? Death happens - every living thing must die, it is a law of nature, so why not accept it, talk about it and help heal the widespread fear of something that is inevitable.
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• Mexico
22 Jun 12
Hi Pose: I agree even if I have fear sometimes about this idea. It's probably because humans usually fear about change. We would love that things remain the same forever but it's impossible. Not even in this world. Things change and we also change everyday without noticing. We are afraid about the things we have no control and also about the things we don't know. We don't know what is waiting for us after life if there's something at all. And that's why we felt nervous. Because we can't control it. Even with that it's just another journey we have to take. Thansk for sharing your thoughts and for this discussion Pose. Have a nice day. ALVARO
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• Mexico
10 Jul 12
Thanks Pose. I have nothing to add to your message. Thanks for your kind words and for the best response award. ALVARO
• India
21 Jun 12
Dude That we will die one day or other is TRUE, one can never avoid it, but it is equally true that 'none', even those suffering from say cancer and sure to die, DON'T WANT to die, this is reality my friend. Take care, be happy always, let's face what comes boldly
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