Were you ever praised by your boss?

June 22, 2012 12:00pm CST
My director never said I was good. He would just say he had this very good connection with me at work. He thought I was one of those who understands what he wants and his ideas. It is common in our work that we compete not with anyone but with ourselves. I would not stop to achieve what I think I could do until I could finally do it. I never say no or not possible to what my director asks of me to do. I just don't wait for him to show me how it is done, I would instead immediately interpret what he wants without question. I could see from his face anyway if it doesn't work. It is just too frustrating sometimes though if he liked it and he doesn't say anything. Like a father's tough love attitude. Now, I might undergo surgery to fix some loose ligament and I do feel depressed. This is not my first operation, thus this next one is going to be very delicate. I somehow feel it is the end of the world. Our doctor told me that my director thinks I am good with lots of potentials and that he would wait for me until I recover. It gave me inspiration to get thru this troubling time. It is all going to be fine, it is all going to be fine...
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• United States
22 Jun 12
I was all the time and rewarded with coupons off of stuff at the coach store. I lost all of them that I had saved up too. I was the only black person working in the day care. kids would cry all the time when I would come into a room. I remember one lady asked me what I was doing to her child. I stood there and asked her stupid azz has your child ever seen a black person before. She just stood there and said nothing. That whole area was whites only. I I don't see how they hired me. But,I would sit down with them and read to them and play with them. soon I was asked to work in all the classes. I said es and it was so nice. I was the only teachers aide who took them out in the sprinklers. no one else was willing to do it. It was tudor time daycare and I had to leave because my sister crashed my car. I had no way to get there. the bus did not run in that area. But,they told me if I got a car I was welcome to come back.
@JohnRok1 (2051)
23 Jun 12
Can you afford a bicycle or an ebike? Or was this all a while ago and you have had jobs since? Actually, in addition to everything else, you were performing a very important educational function. A number of kids will grow up with very little racial prejudice because of you.
@jpso138 (7844)
• Philippines
9 Jul 12
Well, I have never received any praises from my boss. He was the kind of person who does not say.. good job, that was great and all those stuff. He thinks that there is no need for these considering after all that you are being paid for the job. But I never mind him at all. What is important is that I do my job well. I no longer work for the boss, I work for myself and I have people under me. I always give them a pat if they do a job cause I know how it feels when you do that. It gives them encouragement and perhaps the motivation to do more.
23 Jun 12
I really wish that your operation will be successful. There are just persons like that who don't normally praise their employees because of their ego or they don't want to give a reason to have a big head. I think you really love your job and you always wanted to get the approval of your boss in all your dealings. Now, just think of recovering and everything will be fine. At least now you know how your boss feels about you. You are great in his eyes, his personality is the only reason why he is not telling it to you. In my case, all my bosses became great, kind for me. They all acknowledged my strength and expertise and it was a nice feeling to hear those admiration directly from my boss. It was great to hear all those commendations and let everyone in the company know how great I am in his eyes. Sad it only create jealousy among the employees and there are so many back fighters.
@GemmaR (8526)
23 Jun 12
I think that it is very important for bosses to praise their staff, because it is important to keep their spirits up. People will work a lot harder and be more productive if they know that you think they're doing something good. I don't work well with people who are angry all of the time, and always complete my work to a much lower standard if I know that I am going to be treated in that way. If you are a boss you should take note that your staff will work a lot better if you are nice to them rather than if you just tell them what to do all of the time.
@Labrat (210)
23 Jun 12
I was rarely praised at work when I started but now they need me because im the only one there that knows what their doing on certain jobs, therefore they have to appreciate me or I do a crap job. The way I see it is even though the pay should be appreciation enough it isnt hard to say good morning or thank you once in a blue moon when Ive worked my butt off to get work out the door in time.
• Bulgaria
23 Jun 12
in my last job i was verbaly prised by my boss all the time and he expected from me to do my job on 110% and i tryed. but to be priced has its disadvantiges you have to be always on the top of the pack and every little mistake is huge one in the eyes of your boss
@ARIES1973 (9531)
• Legaspi, Philippines
23 Jun 12
My former Boss do appreciate me and recommended me to the government service that is why I am here right now. I know I am not that very intelligent person but I would always try my best to learn to work better. I am very particular about the time too and although I am not very sociable because I am a shy type of person, people in our office does not have to think twice to come to me for some help. I remember, before I was able to get the item (my present job), not only my boss but almost everybody would say that I am so kind and never complain. That is why I would like to remain the way I am.
@barehugs (8986)
• Canada
22 Jun 12
I worked for General Foods Inc., for 20 years where I performed many jobs, like mixing Dog Food, bagging rice, making breakfast cereal, and cleaning toilets. During that time I worked for many different foremen, and women. I always did my best to do the job well. During those 20 years not one of my bosses, either man or women, ever thanked me (not even once) for a job well done.
• Malaysia
22 Jun 12
I was never praised verbally by my boss or director or manager, but being given many opportunity to prove myself in handling office matters and also some monetary and material gifts is proof enough that the bosses appreciate what i have done for them. I did the "i assume i know what my boss wants and immediately handle" a lot before but i end up learning that not everytime what i assumed is correct. So as of now, to ensure that i do end up doing a good job, i would rather ask and verify with them the type of task that was given to me. I really don't want to mess up. Small mess would probably be okay, i just fear the big ones. It happened once and i was lucky to stay in the job. I would also understand if a boss rarely gives verbal praises to an employee. This is to prevent rumours such as "favouritism" or the boss is being biased. For example maybe you're an employee who works at the company or organization for maybe just 1 year or over a year or more. How about those who have work for him or her for 10 years or 20 years? They rarely being praised and yet they get on with their job. Your boss insisting on waiting for you to recover is a sign of belief and that alone is enough to show you that the boss is really appreciating you. You are a valuable asset to him or her. Keep up what you are doing.