What are the characteristics of a good response or comment?

June 26, 2012 7:44pm CST
Hi mylotters, I think, many of our mylotters skip the activities like marking a best response, replying and rating. I think these activities will boost mylotters' being in mylot. Have we ever thought what are characteristics of a good response and comment basing on which we'll mark, reply and rate them?
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@owlwings (39371)
• Cambridge, England
27 Jun 12
I judge a response or comment (or a discussion topic) on how relevant it is to the topic, how descriptive and original it is, whether it uses reasoning and examples to illustrate the topic and whether it encourages further discussion. It is usually fairly clear whether a person has simply typed some random thoughts or whether they have spent time in composing a response to make it relevant, informed and of value to others. Over time, one gets to know those people who are good at and enjoy discussion and learns to avoid those who never comment on the responses they get or merely type "thanks for responding". I rarely start discussions but, when I do, it is notable that the people who respond first and with the best responses are very often people on my Friends list. This shows the value of adding people to one's Friends list with care and selecting those who are most likely to be interested in the same topics as oneself and also are people who enjoy the art of discussion. It also shows the value of posting discussions in a popular but relevant Interest category.
• Bangladesh
28 Jun 12
Yes wings Im quite agree with your speech. The respondents we are involved in a topic must try to make our responses informative, reasonable, artistic and illustrative and we must respond and re-respond each other , be it atleast either by saying ''Thanks" or anyword else. These all will be inspiring us to move ahead. We are all friends regardless of we are in any friend list and we must love, reward and inspire ourselves. Thanks every mylotters xx.
@marrie1 (256)
• United States
27 Jun 12
I think if we do our best to reply on subjects we know about then we are fine. since our population has grown ever since I joined a long time ago I'v eseen some good quality respondents and not so good.. I cannot comment about the plus ratings but there you go. good luck.
• Bangladesh
28 Jun 12
Marrie, A good respondent is like a driving power of a site like mylot. He or she drives himself or herself, drives mylot and drives us who we non quality respondents.lol
@ravisivan (14055)
• India
22 Jul 12
kashindanga1971 information should be descriptive, narrative and convey what the person has in mind. We must rate all the responses received and also select best response at our convenience in any case not later than four months from the date of initiating the discussion. this is my view. mylot doesn't prescribe any limitation.