Bus monitor bullied by vile school children

June 27, 2012 7:52am CST
I read this news from my BF and watch the video in youtube several days ago,, but just now I have time to share my thought about what I call "young manner tragedy" I feel so sorry about what that old woman,Mrs Karen Klein, had been through with those kids. There many sympathy posted for her wherever people talk about it. Dont you people think that this is a real illustration of the lackness of manner education for the young nowadays? I watched the video while thinking, why those kids didnt stop their "stupid bully words" when they see that old woman crying? they keep bullying her about her weight, her tears, till they off from the bus and even upload the video into social network. Are they loose their mind? I think and I believe that parents around the world always teach their children to be nice to the elder, but after watch the video, .. Im speecless! Some people commented below the video wish they were 14 and on that bus at the moment, they will beat all of those kids, boys n girls, to defend the old lady. I know its evryone's wish if we watch the video. Glad thing that the old lady receive many sympathy, and many people donate her big money for vacation. share your thought about this case.
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@MandaLee (3738)
• United States
27 Jun 12
The whole incident was so sad. Ms. Klein did not deserve to be humiliated and abused. In my opinion, the students owe her a written apology.
• Indonesia
27 Jun 12
I think those kids should ask for her apology in the public place,,, they proud to upload then video into social network, no ashame at all, then it'll be easy for her to launch their apology in front of crowd,, as shocking therapy :D
@bobmnu (8160)
• United States
29 Jun 12
There are many things you can point to and say this is what cause kids to lose respect. I think it started when parents became their children's friends instead of their parents. You teach you children and you defend your friends. You see it every day when parents are taking the side of the child and defending them even when everything point to the child be in the wrong. I still remember my father marching me back into the store to have me pay for a candy bar. I tried to tell him that it was an accident but he knew better. Just the other day I was in the store and bought several small items and when I was looking over the receipt I noticed that I was charged for two of one item that I had purchased three of and I went back and told the clerk and it was an item for $0.97 and she questioned why I even bothered to come back for that little amount. I told her it was the right thing to do. A lesson learned from my childhood.